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Soon "Signal to Noise"

Soon: Roaring, explosive guitars dipped in a melodic structure, a careful mix of fragile and solid fragments to prepare a powerful sound, a spoonful of frenzy and a fair amount of passion and drive. Spiced up with some Fugazi, Kashmir, Reiziger, Sonic Youth, ...

The Dallas Explosion "This is The Dallas Explosion Baby"

The Dallas Explosion is not a band, it's the solo project of Geoffrey "Dallas" Hautvas. He's the one who writes the songs, records them (with the precious help of few friends), finds the gigs, the musicians and why not a record deal!

LiNK "The Silent Fight"

Mixing the emotional voice of a female lead singer with various contemporary pop-rock styles, is the way LiNK describes itself. The singer is Chantal Vanderstichelen, the styles progrock, wave, disco. The name LiNK.

Franki "Embrace"

Independent single release of Franki, the singer: Joe Jackson, Gavin Friday, Engelbert Humperdinck, Marianne Faithfull, Eddy Wally & the virgin Mary united in one persona. And with the help of Bent Van Looy, Armand Bourgoignie ...

The Little Red Beavers

With a past in bands as After Drizzle & The Crocodiles, The Little Red Beavers now specialize in a mix of Blues, Swing and Boogie, seasoned by the Texas-recepy. Don't forget to boogie.


Two-song demo from PaseVite, a dutch-singing band from Schoten (Antwerp), bringing slightly commercial poprock .

Mildew "Chinaski"

Demo with the nickname of Bukowski, and other songtitles such as "Barfly" and "German Hangover". The music ranges from Sonic Youth to metal, and at least the title-song is well-worth listening to.

Bottom's Dream

7-track demo from a group from Genk who explain their name - contrary to what you might think looking at the cover - as a term from Shakespearian theater.

Barn Wolf

Second demo of this fivesome from Antwerp (as the bio says : "four talented musicians and one beautiful singer") with reasonably straightforward rock.

Capt. Moon "Manitoba"

Debut-EP of the Ghent-based three- or foursome Captain Moon, with on it 5 tracks in the tradition of The Fall, The Bad Seeds & Butthole Surfers.
Multimedia enhanced, too ...


4-song demo by four musicians, drums-bass-keyboards-guitar, who play something that is not easy to qualify : the music of Tonge is a rich mix of pop, ambient, lo-fi, noise, new-wave and Krautrock.

12-song demo by an acoustical trio from Ghent with influences from italian folk songs, REM, Jonathan Richman, klezzmer, jazz ...

Debut-single of a loud-rocking band that does well at talent contest all over Europe.
"Q is a spectacle that reminds both of Black Crowes, Paul Weller, Pixies and K's Choice."

"Coming Soon"
Debut-single of a talented female singer à la Tori Amos.
"Katou sings with the same ease people like you and I talk. That's called talent."

Formerly known as Sven Nijs, and next month already at Marktrock.
"Sparkling songs, sick organs, crackling drum loops and exotic effect-pedals".

"Can't Stop"
Debut of band with some ex-members of the Nothing Bastards.
"They can rock your ass off, but still make it sound poppy.".


Produced by Rudy Trouvé and signed by Heaven Hotel.
"Autumn music with sudden explosions. Happy and than down again".


"Indie-Rock full color & stereo hifi"
° 1996
Demo's :
- Hubbub (K7 - 1997)
- 4 songs (CD H-Records 002 - 1998)


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