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FRESH TALENTS - July 2000 :

Barn Wolf
"Story Of Love"
(2000 - Barn Wolf)

Songs (click the -icons for audio-extracts)
1. Story of Love
2. Don't Blame me
3. No more feelings
4. Strange
5. That's the way
6. Caddilac (Bonus track)

Musicians :
- Hannah Dewinter : vocals
- Wim Vermetten : guitars, vocals
- Jonas Dewinter : vocals
- Rody Van Leekwijk : bass guitar
- Kevil Palmer : drums

Recorded at The Groove, Schelle
Mixed by Peter Bulkens

Press Release

New Barn Wolf CD "Story of Love" : originality galore.

After well-received gigs in the Flemish rockclubcircuit, there's now a second demo of Barn Wolf. This fivesome from Antwerp, four talented musicians and a wonderful female singer, went in December 1999 into studio "The Groove" to work with Peter Bulkens. The result is "Story Of Love", a cd with swinging rock songs.

The name of the band refers to the place where they rehearse, and to the love of Jonas, guitarist, for his dog called Wolf.
Early '99, they released their first demo-cd "Manure", which was a showcase of the material that Barn Wolf was doing in that period. This demo was VERY well received at the time, both by the press and the public.
The belief in their own ability is witnessed by the fact that Barn Wolf almost exclusively performs self-written songs.

More background information can be found on the Official Barn Wolf website :

Wim Delarbre, Manager.

My Opinion

With "Story of Love", Barn Wolf has delivered a fair demo. The six songs are definitely not all of the same quality, but the kick-off is rather nice with the title-song, in which singer Hannah Dewinter manages to revive the memory of Eddi Reader (Fairground Attraction ea.). The optimism of the first track is however skillfully aborted in the next song "Don't Blame Me". Poorly sung (she apparently also has an overtensed side and a male co-singer, maybe the first is due to the latter?), limp funk, boring ... "No More Feelings" (there's Eddi again) starts well, but ends up as rather sterile rock and with a chorus that sucks. "Strange" hits a sensitive note, and hits that rather well. "That's the way" on the other hand could've featured on an old album of the now forgotten Belgian group The Bet and can pride itself upon a neat chorus and a good hook. A complete rocksong, quoi.
All in all this is not a real love story for me, but who knows, these things grow, no?

Contact :

- The official barn Wolf Website :
- Booking & Management : Wim Delarbre, tel : 32.(0)
- Mail :


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