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(2000, F7459)

Songs (click the -icons for audio-extracts)

1. Embrace
2. Now & Every Time

written by Armand Bourgoignie - Martin Jansen, Johan Ramaekers, Franky Verschueren.

Musicians :
- Ben van Camp (guitars)
- Martin jansen (horns & piano)
- Bent van Looy (drums)
- Arman Bourgoignie - Ben Brunin (bass)
- Bieke van Celst - Herbert Lanckhorst - Luc de Gezelle - Kneu Kessels (strings)
- Sam Vloemans (trumpets)
- Luc de Kelver (clarinet)


Press Release

Franki combines his love for the torch song with an open mind for other genres: the result is a cocktail of crooner, cabaretesque arrangements, nightly extravaganza and poppy melodies. Not a very logical combination. But one that works. Franki is a singer that sings, but also interprets.

In 2000 Franki released his first single: the song "Embrace" written by Armand Bourgoignie (a.o. Mad Dog Loose & Milk The Bishop). In this song, Frank "embraces" himself extensively, not only with voice & lyrics, but also with an orchestral wall that was set up by a bunch of musician-friends.

In 1997-98, he did a series of shows with Anton Janssens on the piano (Noordkaap, Mauro). First only with covers of classic chansons and standards, and later with songs that other make for him and that Franki makes of his own : the song written by Danny Mommens (dEuS, Vive La Fête) "Carmella" becomes the fil-rouge of this concerts, and later the same happens with "Body Bag" (two songs that will get their definitive version when Franki will release his first full-cd).

Franki isn't pushed by a record firm or whatever, but still manages to play for a full house time and again. His concets from the end of '98, with a full line-up, receive more than positive reactions, such as "Les Suivants de Brel", a double-bill with Mathilde Santing at Lokerse Feesten, Gentse Feesten, Paulusfeesten in Ostend, Marktrock Leuven ...


My Opinion

Is this a joke, or is it made for crying? Or just plain madness? Franki is Joe Jackson, Gavin Friday, Engelbert Humperdinck, Marianne Faithfull, Eddy Wally & the virgin Mary united in one singer. And with the help of nice folks : such as Armand Bourgoignie (previously with Milk The Bishop & Mad Dog Loos) and Bent van Loy (known as the charisma of Das Pop).
"Embrace" is epic pop, not very different from the things that is making Cousteau the toast of the town these days. And "Now & Every Time" is a ragtime, & a catchy cabaret song. And both hesitate between being a joke, or something made for crying.


Contact :

- Franki's website :
- Voor info +32 (0)9 329 76 12
- Promotie : Rock'O Co vzw, tel 32 (0)9 329 41 29


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