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(1999 - Labelman/De Konkurrent - out August 1999)

Songs (click the -icons for audio-extracts)
1. Donut
2. Where Do You Want Me?
3. Whenever Tango
4. Are You Ready?

Musicians :
- Hans : vocals, guitar, synth
- Stef : guitar, synth
- Mark : bass, synths
- Ief : drums, persussion.


Press Release (band is not responsible for the poor english below : my translation)

An acute lack of cool and a really bad wardrobe : that the make a band. A band that's called Kamino in this case.
With the slightly cheesy name Sven Nijs they participated in the contest "Marktrock Podium" - their first public gig and immediately a second place with compliments from the jury. The sort of thing that calls for a bit more commitment. Therefore a new nam, and immediately also a first 4-track EP "Donut" that will be presented to the world at Marktrock '99.
Kamino stands for pop with real melodies. Wasn't that genre dead ? No, it's still moving a little bit and that's a good sign.
Sparkling songs, sick organs, crackling drumloops and exotic effect-pedals : those are the main ingredients that Kamino plays with. Live it is a disarming orchestra that certainly doesn't want to sound like the umpteenth altarnativo-guitar band. It works ! Certainly helpful are the charming lyrics about themes such as "the use of contact glue to prevent you from losing your girlfriend", or "sex with combat boots". And then singer Hans puts on his most dangerous bedroom eyes ans sings "I'm young and beatiful: don't you think so?". And you'll see : he's absolutely right.

My Opinion

Haven't heard the complete EP yet, but the two tracks that the band sent me on a CDR sound very promising indeed. "Whenever Tango" sounds like an alternativo guitar band that has decided to go mainstream, and "Donut" sounds just like dEUS (an alternativo guitar band that has gone mainstream). The other names that popped up in my mind where the ones you'll always think off when you hear a good pop song : Crowded House, Betty goes Green (in their bright moments).
Don't know about you, but I want to hear the rest of this !!

Contact :

Alta Touche, Edward Pecherstraat 6, 2018 Antwerpen
Tel : 03/257.01.11 - 03/238.14.45
Bookings : Toutpartout. Tel : 011/23.44.97


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