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KATOU "Coming Soon "
(1999 - independent release)

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1. Coming Soon

Press Release (my translation : management is not responsible for this poor English)

Katou, in real life simply Kathleen van Campfort and 26 years young, has been singing since she was 12 in her first band. Countless other bands have since followed. After her studies in piano at the Lemmens-Institute in Leuven and the Antwerp Conservatoire of Music, she decided to give a solo-career a go.

On her own she persuaded with her heavenly voice only accompanied by her piano, the audiences at Les Voix Flamandes (De Media, Eeklo), as an opener for Thé Lau and on other spots in Flanders. Even the prisoners in the Antwerp prison took a breath to her music. Also the late Studio Brussel-programme Bassta discovered Katou. Her demo made it as "Demo of the week" twice.

After this solo-period, Katou is is more than strong enough to try it with a band again. She has collected a number of musicians to accompany her, and will be touring with them from October to June 2000 in the within the framework of Trappelend Talent (an initiative of the Federatie van de Vlaamse culturele centra) in more than 20 locations in the country. Further plans include a second single by the Autumn, a more up-tempo song on that occasion.

If there's someting relevant in the inevitable comparisons with Tori Amos and other singing women, it's not so much the songs she writes (those are rock solid), but her magnificent voice. Katou sings relaxed yet compassionate, it seems like singing to her is like talking for people like you and I. Such a thing is called talent. The songs are about frogs, and about mothers. Life itself.

My Opinion

Tori Amos, indeed. Rare are the occasions when a reviewer had an easier task of proposing a widely known and more-or-less similar artist to situate a newcomer. I think even Tough Toriologists will be impressed, and since An Pierlé keeps on postponing her debut-album there's a wide open market for her too. The song is a gem, but possibly a bit too quiet to stand out on the radio. My conclusion - admittedly : on the basis of one sent-in crackling MP3 - that you'll hear from Katou. That you'll hear from her.
The trick with the independent single release as an appetiser for the record firms, has also worked for Das Pop - not surprisingly with the same management. If you know how sought-after that first single of that band is now, it's probably a wise decision to keep an eye out the coming weeks to get yourself a copy of the single of Katou.

Contact :

Jeroen Vereecke Rock'O Co
vzw tel +32 (0)9 329 41 29
fax +32 (0)9 329 41 30


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