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"The Silent Fight"
KS Records 99-002, 2000

album coverSongs (click the -icons for audio-extracts)

1. The Silent Fight
2. Overdose of Love
3. Blue Bone Child
4. Remember Me
5. Daddy
6. Rebop
7. Clara & The Stranded Boats
8. Miroir
9. Life on the edge
10. Harlosh nightmare
11. The worst dream of my life
12. White waltz
13. Trio

Songs : Marc Vandewalle
Lyrics : Didier Leman

Recorded at Bathrooom, Ittre, during 1999
& at The Room With a View, August 1998.

Link is:
- Chantal Vanderstichelen (vocals)
- Marc Vandewalle (guitars & programming)
- Didier Pscaglia (keyboards)
- Eric Frelinckx (bass)
- Philippe Parisse & Myles Simpson (drums)


Press Release


Mixing the emotional voice of a female lead singer with various contemporary pop-rock styles is the main characteristic of LiNK.

Back in 1994, LiNK fully produced in its home studio a kind of conceptual CD, called Waiting For The Boats To Come, a crossroad of naïve lyrics, poppy songs, dark moods and symphonic phrases.

Today, LiNK evolves within the trend of melodic tunes backed by warm classical rock rhythms. A new self-produced album, The Silent Fight is waiting for you since beginning 2000 with 13 songs (50 minutes), three of them resulting from a new collaboration with Paul Poelmans (ex-Soulsister, Clouseau performer, Belgian TV musician …). The band doesn't deny its influences as a performer of classical rock from the late seventies with a taste for imaginative up to date fashion, whether acoustic rock or even techno-dance tunes. Since the heydays of LiNK story, songwriting has been shared between the guitarist for music and his childhood friend for lyrics. Altogether with the lead vocalist, as a trio, they form the cornerstone of this adventure. An experienced rhythm section supplies the band with surplus power.

LiNK has definitely a real identity, in terms of style and sound… and this provides enough freedom to explore all aspects of contemporary music.

Listen now and get into it !


My Opinion

A Demo is a demo is not a demo. Sometimes it's an entire self-produced cd. And leaves you wondering if the conjugation of demo = demo, demon, demoralisé, demodé.
The Silent Fight contains eighties prog-wave anno 2000. With highly sensitive & poetic lyrics. Genre: Propaganda meets Machiavel meets Roxette meets Sarah, all with a really terrible English accent.
It must be admitted that most songs contain some sort of idea or bit that could have lead to a decent song, but most of them are spoiled somewhere through by an overdose of bombast or overacting (exceptions : "Life on the edge" - brainless metal - and "White Waltz" - eighties disco).
Whether you click on this LiNK is up to you. My plan is to make a bookmark and check how they faired later.


Contact :

- site :
- MP3's of the songs on "The Silent Fight" are available at Balance le son
- Vandewalle & Vanderstichelen can be contacted at
- Didier Leman can be contacted at
- Contact : 0032 67647161


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