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The Little Red Beavers
"The Little Red Beavers"
(2000, Crock Records 003)

Songs (click the -icons for audio-extracts)

1. I Got a feeling
2. Shake your boogie
3. For you my love
4. Just for a little while
5. Rooster Blues

Recorded & Mixed by Paul Poelmans

The Beavers are:
- Philippe de Smedt (vocals)
- Michel Gielens (guitars)
- Eric "The Chief" Vanroy (acoustic & electric bass)
- John Dewil (drums)
- Hugo Nackaerts (harmonicas)
guest :
- Paul Poelmans (Hammond organ)


Press Release

On 17 august 1979 the Southern-style rockband "After Drizzle" played from 15h00 to 15h50 on the stage of one of the last "Jazz-Bilzen" festivals. After their set, the next names were The Cure, The Specials, The Pretenders, The Police en AC/DC. This gig was a result of them winning the Rock-contest which was organized by Jazz-Bilzen.
After gigs in all of Belgium (on the playlist : Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alman Brothers Band, Marshal Tucker Band, Bob Seger) and issuing one single, a split followed. Guitar-player Michel Gielens and bass-player Eric Vanroy, both ex-After Drizzle formed with Carl Servranckx and John Dewil (drummer, ex-The Spectacles) the cover-band "the Crocodiles".
For a while, the band carried the name "Liquid Sky" and changed the repertoire to self-written songs.
When singer Philippe De Smedt (ex-The Spectacles) joined The Crocodiles, the group really went "on the road". On the menu: ZZ Top, Billy Idol, Gary Moore. Two singles were released, but reactions were confined to the local area.
Infected by the blues-virus, they are now the line-up of "The Little Red Beavers" (with the exception of Carl who left the band for a little while at the time of the recordings. He was replaced by Hugo Nackaerts).
Influenced by contemporary white blues (Mike Morgan, Pat Boyack, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ronnie Earl) they also fall back on older West-Coast and Jump-Blues. This bring the necessary variety into their shows.
In short they bring a mix of Blues, Swing and Boogie, seasoned by the Texas-recepy.
So check out their mini-cd: The Little Red Beavers.
Don't forget to boogie !!!!!


My Opinion

Blues in the jump-, swing-, slow-, and boogie-variety is it that the Little Red Beavers poored onto a mini-cd at the end of last year. The band isn't exactly "peep" (as in "peep" said the chick), with a past in bands such as After Drizzle, The Crocodiles, Liquid Sky and The Crocodiles. THe chances that you've heard of these bands are on the slim side, a thing that won't be held agains you as these were all fairly local & small bands. I don't exactly see the Little Red Beavers being asked to be the headliners of this years R&B-festiva in Peer, but if you have a stage free on your local blues-bandnight, do give them a ring. The ambiance will benefit from it ...


Contact :

- tel 016/489778 of 02/7593134
- e-mail :
- the Little Red Beaver datasheet on


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