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"Signal to Noise"

Songs (click the -icons for audio-extracts)

1. Insidious
2. Cold
3. We go down under fire

written by Soon
Recorded & Mixed by Dirk Miers, at dé Studio, Asse, September 2000.

Musicians :
- Christophe Vandewoude (guitar)
- Gaëtan Vandewoude (guitar, vocals)
- Enzo Cloetens (vocals)
- Christophe van Dender (bass)
- Johan de Coster (drums)


Press Release

Do you think one can write one's own bio without either sounding too swanky or too modest Not sure really, it's furious balancing, so why even bother. We'll just give it a go anyway.

We're Soon.
Soon has energy. Soon has an edge. Well at least that's what we're trying to pursue.
Founded somewhere in '96, our band hads gone through quite a few changes. Different band members have been replaced. Different styles have been played. Gradually evolving, things have become more serious. You know, the usual stuff, music taking shape ... The current line-up was defined about a year and a half ago. This marked the beginning of a process that brought us to where we find ourselves now, being an ambitious band determined to make headway with our songs.

Our ingredients to so are: roaring, explosive guitars dipped in a melodic structure, a careful mix of fragile and solid fragments to prepare a powerful sound, a spoonful of frenzy and a fair amount of passion and drive. Spiced up with some Fugazi, Kashmir, Reiziger, Sonic Youth, ...

Some people who've appreciated our menu so far are: a jury for the contest called "Rockvonk", which we finished third last spring, a few enthusiasts at Studio Brussels who were so kind to give us airplay in "De Bom", and the "Radar" demo poll just recently ...

Rather than to bore you with eleborate yet vague descriptions of style and influence, we'd sugget you let the demo do the talking. If you can enjoy our music and want to sign, book or support us in any way, or you just want to air your opinion, you can always reach us at


My Opinion

"Wow", was more or less my first reaction when listening to this demo of Soon. And even after a number of times, the reaction is still close to that.
Soon is to be situated in the catogory of bands "knitting with guitars", but does so with a power, enthusiasm and conviction that it's bound to grab your attention. "Emorock" will probably the most applicable label, but emorock with balls. Reiziger, Sonic Youth & Fugazi, the examples they cite themselves are accurately chosen. When you'd make the cross-section of the sounds of these three, you'd end up lisening to the groupsound & energy of Soon.
This hasn't been the last time I'll be listening to "Insidious", i guess, with that fantastic explosion in the middle and the dramatic shiftdown to lower gear directly after. "Cold" and "We go down under fire" have a harder time building up the tension, but both contain enough melody and force to stay interesting. Hope to year more from them, soon ...


Contact :

- adres : Christophe Vandewoude, Tervuursesteenweg 471, 3061 Leefdaal
- mail :
- tel : (0)2/768.13.66


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