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FRESH TALENTS - December 1999

(1999 - Tongue)

Songs (click the -icons for audio-extracts)

1. fake it
2. get the fuck out
3. plastic star
4. banana trip

Musicians :
- joachim cliquet : bass
- cédric gervy : guitar, vocals
- etienne vernave : drums
- sébastien wilkin : keyboards, vocals

Recorded by vincent deboignie & gauthier crickx.
Mixed by Pierre Vervloesem & gauthier crickx.

Press Release (band is not responsible for the poor english below : my translation)

TONGUE was born around the end of 1994. Initially the band was a funny and interesting side-project for its four members, until they realised that together they had much more fun than in their respective main groups. After this "rebirth", Tonge started growing - steadily but surely.
Rehearsal after rehearsal and recording after recording, their style became more obvious. In the wild days of the beginning, the voice had to fight its way on top of a delirium of the other musicians. Today, of this merry anarchy a taste for sinuous melodies remains, that tempt the victim, seduce it ... and than skilfully kill it.
The four musicians, drums-bass-keyboards-guitar, play something that is not easy to qualify : the music of Tonge is a rich mix of pop, ambient, lo-fi, noise, new-wave and Krautrock.
Those who witness a concert by Tongue, immediately sense that these musicians know where they want to go, and definitely also where they don't want to go.
The same musical traps that they evade themselves skilfully, are the same traps they lay for their audience.
Since 1994, Tongue has played with the following groups : Dolby La Souris, Ted, The Cords, Janet Adkins, Rawfrücht, Moxie, Mudflow, Bly, Electric Groove Temple, Tongz, Venus, Daan, Vanilla Coke, 10000 Woman Men...
Thanks to a remarkable participation at the festivals of Verdur Rock and Nandrin, Tongue looks to the future with enthusiasm : more and more gigs. Release of the first album.

Persreacties :
- Compos minimalistes fraîches et particulièrement mélodique parsemées d'un dissonance franchement psychédélique. (Rifraf, 4/96)
- Leurs mélodies électriques et linéaires possèdent ce flegme trépidant propre à Can. (Devor Rock 2/97)
- Pop expérimentale au rythmes répétitifs. (LeSoir 16/4/97)
- Qualfiées de pop décalée, la musique de Tongue est basée sur 1 'improvisation (La Dernière Heure, 29/4/97)
- Les quatre musiciens ont offert une musique novatrice, éloignée des sentiers battus. (Vers l'Avenir, 29/4/97)
- A mi chemin entre la pop, l'ambient, la low-fi, le noise, la new-wave et le Krautrock. (La Meuse 3/3/99)
- Plongeant avec un regain d 'assurance dans les méandres d'une pop répétitive mais pas radoteuse, leurs boucles peuvent régulièrement compter sur de moelleux tapis synthétiques pour s'écrouler en cas de tournis. (Rifraf 4/99)
- A ranger entre Sonic Youth et Joy Division. (Music Up, 7/99)
- Leur démarche musicale hésite entre la mouvance actuelle tournant autour de Mogwai et une pop alerte ébouriffiiée. (Devor Rock 9/99)


My Opinion

Bass and drums from a decade the black generation was mourning the death of a Mr. Curtis, the vocals from a slow-motion aquarium, guitars that stem from the stolen Sonic-Youth truck, and keyboards from the flower-power age : those are the ingredients with which Tongue cooks a soup.
The result causes an almost hypnotising effect by the repetitiveness in the songs, but - despite the Doors-atmosphere - it didn't manage to convince me totally.
The blokes are currently recording their first full-cd at the Soundstation in Liège, so you'll hear more from them without a doubt. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Contact :

- Contact & Booking : Intersection, rue De Wittestraat, 20 B-1050 Brussels Tél: 32 (0)2 640 83 17 Fax: 32 (0)2 649 31 42
- e-mail :
- Tongue has released a full-cd later : [a]venture


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