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De Brassers released "En toen was er niets meer"
The Employees release "Pick it up"
De Kreuners release their first single "Nummer 1"
Lio releases "Amoureux Solitaires" & "Banana split"
The Names sing a deal with UK-label Factory
NestorMartin (later : The Machines) wins the Rock Rally
Der Polizei did "The razia" and "C.I.A."
Red Zebra releases "I can't live in a living room"
Siglo XX release their first single "The naked and the death"
Soft Verdict is the group name of Wim Mertens
Toy have a first and only hit with "Suspicion"
Walter Verdin releases his solo album "Cinema"
Allez Allez released "She's stirring up" and "Allez Allez"
The Bet had a hit with "Don't talk to the liar"
Front 242 invented Electronic Body Music
The Honeymoon Killers sing "Route Nationale 7"
Klaus Klang releases "Beat it"
Lavvi Ebbel release "Give me a gun"
Marine release "Life in reverse"
Paul Michiels tries a solo career to get some "Females"
The Neon Judgement start experimenting
The Parking Meters debuted with "Adventures at the bottom of the sea"
Kloot Per W releases his first solo experiments
Scooter score a hit with "You (don't wanna be number 1)
T.C.Matic release their debut album
Arbeid Adelt! released "De dag dat het zonlicht ..."
Kurt Van Eeghem released a single.
Kamagurka releases "Waar de lampen in de klinken blinken"
Kuruki has a synth-pop hit with "Crocodile Tears"
Luna Twist release "A different smell from the same perfume"
The Machines release the album "World of Machines"
De Nieuwe Snaar go on their first tour.
Polyphonic Size released "Live for each moment"
Sofie makes us swoon with "I love you"
Twee Belgen make Belgium dance with "Quand le film est triste"
Bernth÷ler released the single "My suitor"
Kid Montana went out & about "Revisiting Yalta"
Jo Lemaire debuts her solo career with "Concorde"
Maximalist accompany "Rosas danst Rosas"
Nacht und Nebel score a hit with "Beats of Love"
Pas de Deux represent Belgium at Eurosong
The Scabs release "Here's to you, gang"
The Schmutz release "Straight from the heart"
Company of State starts producing dark electrowave.

Luc Van Acker released "The Ship"
Aroma di Amore released "Koude oorlog"
Dirk Blanchart released his first solo single
Chow Chow released "This is about love"
Anna Domino worked with Luk Van Acker and released "Rhythm"
Mensen Blaffen released their first mini-album
La Muerte debut with "The Surrealist Mystery"
La Cosa Nostra tries to succeed Lavvi Ebbel
Elisa Waut release their first record
Flesh & Fell released "The Hunger"
Viktor Lazlo emerges on stage
PoÚsie Noire release "The Giaconda smile"
Sttellla gets noticed for the first time with "Balala´ka"
Arno released his first solo-album
Bange Konijnen fell in love with Sandra Kim
Kadril released their first album.
Sandra Kim won the Eurovision Song Contest
Maurane releases her debut album "Danser"
A Noh Rodeo released their only tracks
The Pop Gun released "Oh, what a day"
Revolting Cocks release "Big Sexy Land"
Soulsister debuts with "You get to me"
The Wolf Banes have a radio hit with "Shit (I love Barbera Carrera)"
The Yeh-Yeh's make a surprise appearance
Sigmund und sein Freund release their first vinyl
The Skyblasters begin touring with their catchy reggae
Vaya Con Dios have a hit with their first single "Puerto Rico"
Won Ton Ton score a huge hit in Belgium and Holland with "I lie and I cheat"
Amnesia had a world hit with "Ibiza"
Confettis have a hit with "The sound of C"
Erotic Dissidents want us to "move your ass and feel the beat"
Lords of Acid scored with "I sit on Acid"
Ludo Mariman starts a solo career after the Kids
Bart Peeters has his "Lucky Day" with "I'm into folk"
The Romans become runners-up in the Rock Rally
Philippe Swan has a hit in Wallonia with "Dans ma rue"
The Weathermen score a big hit with "Poison"
Guido Belcanto releases his first album "Op zoek naar romantiek"
Clouseau-mania hits the streets of Belgium and Holland
Rudolf Hecke launches a solo-album.
The Paranoiacs rock on the album "Bananas"
Technotronic has a world hit with "Pump up the jam"

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