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Weird Pop / Indie Rock

Arbeid Adelt! Weird and wonderful.
Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung
Bernthöler, LooK Swedish, sound Swedish.
Dead Man Ray. dEUS meets The The ?
dEUS. Belgium's pride in fearful days.
Evil Superstars. What's Satan doing in your ass?
Fence. Weezer-like guitarrock.
Kamagurka. Anarcho-absurdist takes to singing.
Flowers for Breakfast. Some girls like a disco.
Marine. Life in reverse.
Mitsoobishy Jacson : flipped lo-fi
Rumplestitchkin. Happy pop.
Tjens Couter. Hintjens & Decouter.
Zita Swoon. Formerly Moondog Jr.
Thou. Portishead meets Sonic Youth ??
Arno. Putain, putain! C'est vâchement bien!
Chow Chow. This is about love.
Pieter-Jan De Smet. An antidote for August.
Venus. Theatrical and acoustic.

Grunge / Heavy Rock

Ashbury Faith. Aren't they the aliens ?
Channel Zero. Hardest hitting band of Belgium.
Charles & The White Trash European Blues Connection. Quite a long name there.
Dildo Warheads. The Belgian Sebadoh.
Golden Green. Mod-rocking Britpop.
Irish Coffee, Belgium's answer to Black Sabbath.
Metal Molly. Overhyped ?
Nemo. Dum dada ... Pop Musics, you fool.
Orgasmaddix, Rock - Ramones-style.
PPz30. Belgian Chili Peppers.
The Semitones. Melodic hardcore.
Soulwax. The Belgian version of Soundgarden?
Sweater. Sweaty songs.
Ugly Papas. Eclectic Dadaïsm & Psychedelic Bluesrock


Aroma Di Amore. Ik schaam haar.
Bange Konijnen. In love with Sandra Kim.
Belgian Asociality. Witty punk rock.
Boerenzonen Op Speed. Tractorpunk.
Janez Detd. Beaver Fever & Take on Me.
The Kids Punk Pioneers.
de Lama's. Wat de neuk!
Red Zebra. Can't live in a living room.
Plastic Bertrand. Plastic Punk.
The Employees, Do the standing still.
Kloot PerW. 12 crafts, 13 accidents.
Perverted (By Desire). P.I.L.-like.

Wave / Doom / Gothic

De Brassers, and then there was nothing ...
Company of State, dark eighties' electro.
Rudolf Hecke = ekceH floduR spelled backwards.
Kid Montana, belgo-american Aztecsoft Cameracell.
Jo Lemaire & Flouze, the group, not the girl.
Luna Twist, A different smell ...
Mensen Blaffen. Cheerful wave.
The Names, signed on to UK's Factory label
Siglo XX. Doom from Limburg.
Poésie Noire. Experimental electrowave.
The Neon Judgement. From punk to new-wave to gothic to techno.

Garage Rock / Swamp Rock

de Bossen. Girl Collectors.
The Hoodoo Club. Promising young group.
La Muerte. Wild things.
The Paranoiacs. Rock from the garage.
The Romans.Your local Hüsker Dü.
The Wolfbanes. The bottle never runs dry.
Ze Noiz, won the rock rally in '88.

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