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Blues / Bluesrock

Big Bill, the Godfather of Belgian Blues.
Blue Blot. Easy-listening blues
Burning Plague. Hard Seventies Blues
Charles et les Lulus. A project in blues.
El Fish. Nothing fishy about it.
Give Buzze. Rhythm'n boogie.
Ferre Grignard. Ring it, I've got to sing it.
Roland. Still singing the blues.
Freckle Face. Look under Tjens Couter.
Tjens Couter. Hintjens & Decouter.
Zita Swoon. previously named Moondog Jr.
Beverly Jo Scott. An American in Brussels.
Arno. Putain, putain! C'est vâchement bien!
Ugly Papas. Eclectic Dadaïsm & Psychedelic Bluesrock
Purple Prose. Easy going laid back blues.

Kleinkunst / Folk Music

Ambrozijn. Folk meets jazz meets world music.
Della Bosiers. Friendly, jazzy listening-music
Coïncidence. Mix of folk & Frans chanson.
Miel Cools. Camp fire folk.
Walter Debuck. Folk from Ghent.
Bert de Coninck. Van kleinkunst naar rock.
Jan De Wilde. Stubborn dutch singing marvel.
De Elegasten. Protest folk in the sixties.
Ivan Heylen, farmers rock'n roll.
The Jokers. Ik zag Cecilia komen.
Kadril. Rock with bagpipes.
Kate's Kennel. Funny folk in the seventies.
Lais, young ladies cause a 90's folk revival.
Miek & Roel, blowin' their answer in the wind.
Rum. Dutch traditional folk music
de Nieuwe Snaar. Playful music
Jan Puimege. Dutch kleinkunst.
Hugo Raspoet. Dutch kleinkunst.
Soeur Sourire. Belgian nun
Tenderfoot Kids. Our time is up.
Zjef Vanuytsel, singer-songwriter
Walter Verdin "There is something ..."
Tim Visterin. Children's entertainer.


André Brasseur, with his multi-sound organ.
Francis Goya. Nostalgic melodies.
Dan Lacksman. Moog to Telex to Tamtam.
Wim Mertens. Minimalist music.
Soft Verdict. See Wim Mertens

Lounge / Easy Listening / Jazzy

Anna Domino, An American in Brussels.
Viktor Lazlo, stylish haute-couture
Maurane, jazzy chansonnière.
Marc Moulin, jazz in the sixties, progrock in the seventies and now on Blue Note
Toots Thielemans. Whistling to the top.

World Music

Zap Mama. World class world music.
La fille d'Ernest. Mixing Africa with Brussels.
Dan Lacksman. Moog to Telex to Tamtam.
Two Man Sound. Ripping off Brazil
Pangea. Look under Dan Lacksman
Vaya Con Dios. Big all over Europe.
Està Loco. Flamenco-pop from Ghent.
El Tattoo Del Tigre, playing mambo-classics, big band style


Sttellla. French humour.
Urbanus. Musical comedian.
Hugo Matthysen. Hilarious dutch rock.
The Yeh-Yehs. A group as a joke.
Kamagurka. Anarcho-absurdist takes to singing.


Coco Jr. gettin da riddims from Jamaica
Lou (Depryck) & the Hollywood Bananas.
The Skyblasters. Reggae from Belgium.


The Employees,
(Klaus) Klang. Beat it


X-legged Sally. Jazz-rock-funk


Bobbejaan Schoepen, last Belgian Cowboy.
Erik van Neygen. Dutch country.
Pendulum. Would-be country hillbillies.
Lieven Tavernier. Coat of many colours.
Chitlin' Fooks in the footsteps of Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris

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