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Highly talented singer from Brussels who had a very fluctuating career.

  "Beat it"
40,8 sec. - 80 Kb.
song : Klaus Klang 
Produced : Alan Blackley.
Year : 1981.
Record co.: Rabbit Records

Klaus Klang (born in Brussels on September 26, 1959) debuted with the punk group X-pulsion (who have released a single called "Heaven only knows" in 1978 on the Romantik label).


After this, he formed a band called Klang, who recorded two albums in the early eighties. They got very good airplay for the singles "Beat it", "Wailing in the moonlight" and "The sound of love". The group is told to have broken up due to the military obligations of some of the members.

After this, things got very quiet again, a silence that was suddenly disrupted in 1986 when he released the single "Soul thing", a song with clear references to Hall & Oates. The single raised a lot of expectations and got him touring, either on his own or with his band of the time "Neverneverland".

Silence again, until 1991, when he releases a mini-album called "Highrise". From the bio : "This mini-album, mostly electronic, reveals a range of seductive pop songs, moody at times, but always dominated by Klaus's expert use of his voice."
Although Klaus Klang surely isn't a "heavy recorder", "one can say that Klaus knows how to write and arrange songs, how to record in the studio and how to perform on stage. He's a dedicated songwriter and a brilliant lead singer. His music reminds Bowie, Peter Gabriel or even Elton John; his voice was sometimes compared to David Bowie, Darryl Hall, Howard Jones or Todd Rundgren. Nevertheless, Klaus has developed his own personality and his own style, which made him a musical reference in Belgium." Needless to say this piece of praise was from the bio again.

Members (Klang)
- Klaus Klang (vocals, guitar)
- Kurt Klang (bass)
- Denis Rufin (drums)
- Robert Franckson (lead guitar)

Records (Klang):
- The Pop Theory (Phonogram, 1981)
- Dots & Dashes (Back door, 1982)

Records (Klaus Klang)
- Highrise (Rainland, 1991)

Websites :
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Forum :
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Klaus Klang

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