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Very promising young group from Tremelo (the hometown of Father Damian), who shot up like a rocket but finished their career almost as fast as that, after which they went on an on/off rhythm.


67 sec. - 133 Kb.
song : Muller, Deweze, Guedens.
Year : 1995
Record co. : Brinkman

"Sunconfort International"
56,7 sec. - 111 Kb.
song : Muller, Deweze
Produced : Marc Wallis
Year : 2000
Record co. : Double-T


After rehearsing a while in a garage, the Tremelo trio came out with a bunch of poppy and powerful songs in the style of the Pixies. They won a talent contest (Rockschot) and this opened the door for a record with Brinkman (the record company that also carries Bettie Serveert and Nemo). The CD "Surgery for Zebra" gets an incredible reception.


"Their songs are not going to change the world. For the making of their "hip-trip-pop-noise" (as the bio says) they are as influenced by Bart Simpson as they are by the Beatles and by (the poems of) Mozart and themselves. But it moves, it's very catchy and on the radio they mingle in perfectly amidst all the hip international acts" goes the review in Belgians leading rock source "Het Nieuwsblad" (just joking).

"Orange" becomes a radio-hit, showcases in New York, they tour Europe as an opener for Therapy!, a place at the famous Torhout-Werchter festival. Metal Molly is the next big thing.

It wasn't to be. Only a year after, the inspiration is gone, the good atmosphere broken. They split up.

Pascal Deweze has joined another famous Belgian group (that was also signed by Brinkman) : Nemo and is also involved in the lo-fi hobby project of Mauro Pawlowski & Peter Houben called Mitsoobishy Jacson.
Alan Muller started a group of his own : Cabbage (together with Gino Guedens and some members of Thou). They released their first album on Brinkman in the fall of 1998.


On the benefit-gig for the rockmagazine Rif-Raf in 1998, however, it became clear that the Metal Molly story was not completely over. The three companions slowly started making music together once again, and recruited Stoffel Verlackt (of Flowers for Breakfast or El Tattoo del Tigre) as a new member to the band.

They signed a record deal with Double-T (Arid, K's Choice, Noordkaap ...) and got to record a second cd "The Golden Country" that was released in March 2000. The album was recorded in Wales (in the studio where Oasis recorded their first cd), in a production of Marc Wallis (Iggy Pop, The Cure ...), and showed a much more relaxed group. Although the quality was definitely there, only the single "Sunconfort International" (with a beautiful video clip) gathered them attention. Enough for another performance at Werchter that year, but that was about it.

In 2001, Pascal Deweze was busy in all kinds of side-projects again (El Tattoo del Tigre, Sukilove, Chitlin' Fooks) and when interviewed about this last country-project, he explained that Metal Molly are again on a "sabbatical leave", which could take a few years again.

Members :
- Allan Muller (vocals, guitar)
- Pascal Deweze (vocals, bass)
- Gino Guedens (drums)
- Stoffel Verlackt (guitar)

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Albums :
- Surgery for Zebra (Brinkman, 1995)
- The Golden Country (Double-T, 2000)

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- Metal Molly anno 1995 at Bugjuice
- Video of "Orange" at Surf-inn (requires Quicktime & 2.4 megabyte of patience)
- the video of "Sunconfort International" at Telenet.
- Sukilove, a new band with Pascal Deweze & Stoffel Verlackt.

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Metal Molly

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