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Group formed around the sympathetic and highly popular frontman Bart Peeters.


"I'm into folk"
37,1 sec. - 73 Kb.
song: Bart Peeters
Produced : Jan Leyers.
Year : 1988
Record co. : EMI

"Gimme love"
55,5 sec. - 109 Kb.
song: Bart Peeters
Produced : Jan Leyers.
Year : 1990
Record co. : EMI

"She goes nana"
50,2 sec. - 99 Kb.
song: Peeters, Ronny Mosuse
Produced : Jan Leyers.
Year : 1991
Record co. : EMI

60 sec. - 118 Kb.
song: Peeters, Robert Mosuse
Year : 1994
Record co. : EMI


Bart Peeters rose to fame already as a youngster as an actor in a youth television series. In the eighties he presented a television program (Elektron, later on Pop-Elektron) which - at the time - was about the only decent program directed at teens on the tube. Later on, his television career flourished with programs as "De droomfabriek" (the dream factory) and "de (v)liegende doos" (the (f)lying box". Together with compadre Hugo Matthysen he also presented the now legendary radio show "Het leugenpaleis" (The Palace of Lies) on Studio Brussel.


This busy devil-does-all is also a talented musical performer and has participated in countless musical projects, most of which never lasted for a very long time. Early on, there were "de Hermannen" (the Hermans), the Yeh Yeh's, the LSP-band and Bart Peeters and The Radio's.

The last project initially was a "fun"-project with Bart & most of the members of the group Soulsister and singles like "I'm into folk", "Swimming in the Pool" & "Lucky day". Later on, the infamous Mosuse-Brothers (two adopted black kids with golden voices, who rose to fame in the Rock Rally of 1988 with the B-Tunes, in which they finished 3rd behind Ze Noiz & The Romans) and Herman Brood's guitarist Danny Lademacher joined the band and things started to get serious.

The album "No Televison" and especially the hit-single "She goes nana" became a huge success in Belgium , the Netherlands and even in Germany.


Humo reviewed the album as follows : " ... with an almost repulsive virtuosity they run havoc with the legacy of the Beatles. The records is bursting with enchanting melodies, the brothers Mosuse form - in all modesty - a heavenly choir. Add a twinkling production by Jan Leyers (see Soulsister or My Velma) and you know "The sound of music" is a case of popmusic : a passing sound, for a moment you think "oh how beautiful", but then you stop thinking and nothing remains. It doesn't run deep, because it doesn't want to. It mainly wants to please"

Their popularity was at it's greatest at the 1993 edition of Marktrock, where a live-album was captured. The eagerly awaited successor to "the sound of music", entitled "Baby Yes!" didn't live up to the expectations. Or as Humo put it in a review of another bad album : "You would almost start to scream for the Radios when you hear this, if these hadn't just released "Non, non rien a changé", an all-time low in the history of western civilization."

In 1994, the last hit of the band was "Teardrops", a sentimental and melancholic love song, beautifully sung by Robert Mosuse. A little bit later the band fell apart, as they preferred the band to end when it hadn't dried up completely yet.


In 1998, the crème de la crème of the Flemish popular artists recorded a new version of "She goes na na". The group is called "Artiesten met een hart" (Artists with a heart) and the song now is entitled "De weg naar je hart" (The way to your heart). Bart Peeters and The Mosuse Brothers all performed on the single, the proceeds of which go to Levenslijn (Lifeline) the bi-yearly telethon of the Flemish Television station VTM.

Bart Peeters continued his television career (he's one of the top Flemish presenters, with a career including shows such as De Droomfabriek, De (v)liegende doos, Eurosong, Het Leugenpaleis ...). On a more musical note, he also did the tv-series La La La Live, in which the cream of the Belgian and Dutch music scene was taken on a musical journey with Bart and his band backing them up. He also became "Vettige Swa" (the drummer) in the Clement Peerens Explosition, and late 2000 hesitantly made his debut as a solo-singer/songwriter.

Ronny Mosuse continued his career in music as RonnyMo' (1 album, in 1994), continued projects at the side of Bart Peeters (in the La La Live band, or as "Aertbeliën Sylvain" in CPeX) and tried to get a band off the ground from time to time (the current one is Mo'Ses, with Alain & Philip Bokken at his side). He also got a career in TV, with programs such as Kattekwaad, and radio (the popular Studio Brussels program Cuisine X ...).

Robert Mosuse headed in a different direction after the fall of the Radios : first he toured with Paul Michiels & Hervé Martens as the Big M's, and then he painted his hair blue and became Robby Crown. As this soulful incarnation he made the album "Scared memories" in 1997. In 1998 he played a black Jesus in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar (with a logical explanation : "it was darn hot in Jeruzalem. It just isn't logical that Jesus is always portrayed as a pale as a corpse. Finally justice has been done"). The Belgian music scene was stunned to hear of the death of Robert at the age of 30, in April 2000, of the consequences of a brain tumor. Turned out that Robert had concealed this for anyone but his closest friends, and, as he explained in a touching interview to Humo, the week before his death, had given up fighting. In an emotional ceremony in Antwerp, Bart said goodbye with the words "Hij kon de sterren van de hemel zingen en sinds donderdagavond kent hij ze persoonlijk." (he knew how to sing the stars from heaven, and since last Thursday, he knows them personally).

Members :
- Bart Peeters (vocals, guitar, drums)
- Danny Lademacher (guitar)
- Alain Van Zeveren (keyboards)
- Robert Mosuse (percussion, vocals)
- Ronny Mosuse (bass, vocals
- Marc Bonne (drums)

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Albums :
- No Televison (EMI - 1991)
- Dreaming wild soundtrack to "Boys" (1991)
- The sound of music (EMI - 1992)
- The Radios Live (EMI - 1993)
- Baby Yes (EMI - 1994)

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The Radios

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