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From the Official Bio :


"As the bottle runs dry"
35,2 sec. - 69 Kb.
song : Vreede, De Ridder
Production : G. Kooymans
Year : 1988
Record co. : HKM

"The clown"
45,4 sec. - 89 Kb.
song : The Wolfbanes
Production : Werner Pensaert
Year : 1992
Record co. : EMI


"The Wolf Banes start out in 1986 as a loud garage band, performing self-penned songs like "Tits For Breakfast" and the cult classic "(Shit I love) Barbara Carrera" ... songs featured on their first maxi single "Now Listen Honey!".


In 1988 the band records their epic single "As The Bottle Runs Dry" produced by Golden Earring guitarist George Kooymans, who is also responsible for the band's first album: "Where Is The Party".

EMI signs The Wolf Banes in 1991. This cooperation results the band's second album "High Five" produced by Werner Pensaert.  No less than five singles are taken from this album, among which "The Clown"."

On a less praising note, as Humo put it in it's ironic review of "Suite 16" : "We love the Wolfbanes. Amidst all their rock-n-roll attitudes, they are so un-rock'n'roll that they've become more of a mockery of a rock group. They're desperately seeking street credibility in their lyrics it gets kinda amusing. In this respect, Suite 16 is the best Wolfbanes record so far. ... Look past the pink neon-glow, the Tigra cigarettes, the ugly shirts and the hair of Mr. Punk which was conditioned with a handgrenade and you'll discover Flanders' best Las Vegas group."


After WolfBania! (and the entrance of the dEUS-era in Belgian music), the Wolfbanes call it a day. Leading man Wim De Ridder tries a solo career under the name Whim Punk. In this he played together with Bruno Melon (see La Fille d'Ernest), Pip Vreede (see Red Zebra), Steven Janssens (from The Whodads) and Frank Saenen (member of The Scabs). This groups gets disbanded after one CD. Wim Punk was signaled in the studio recently where he is brewing up something with the assistance of Werner Pensaert.

Lange Polle went on to record, among others, with B.J.Scott, The Pop Gun, Roland and is now part of the band of Guy Swinnen, the ex-frontman of the Scabs.

Members :
- Wim (-meke Punk) De Ridder (vocals, guitar)
- Lange Polle, aka Paul Van Bruystegem (Lead Guitar)
- Peter "Pip" Vreede / Bruno Melon (Guitar)
- J.P. (Bass)
- Wim Aerts (Drums)

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Albums :
- Now listen honey! (Smash! - 1986)
- Where is the party (Hans Kuster Music - 1989)
- High Five (EMI - 1991)
- Suite 16 (EMI - 1993)
- WolfBania! (EMI - 1994)

Websites :
- The Wolf Banes homepage

Forum :
- Lees de berichten over The Wolf Banes
- Voeg een bericht, vraag, cd- of concertverslag ... over The Wolf Banes toe


The Wolfbanes

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