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ABN is one of the exponents of the emerging wave of "Frithop" groups in Belgium. ABN are in fact the inventors of the term "Frithop", although they already regret ever doing that.


"Algemeen Beskaafd Nederlandz"
61,5 sec. - 121 Kb.
song : ABN + Def P
Produced : ??.
Year : 1998
Record co. : D-Jax

"Politie Polutie"
66,8 sec. - 131 Kb.
song : ABN
Produced : ??.
Year : 1998
Record co. : D-Jax

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ABN is short for Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands (Commonly accepted Civilized Dutch - a linguistic term denoting the language spoken in both Holland and Belgium, as opposed to the different dialects). From the hiphop-bands singing in Dutch (as 't Hof Van Commerce en KIA), ABN is the only one not rapping in the local dialect, which could explain the bands name.


Of these new bands, ABN is considered the "straightest". Pita, the beat creator, said in "The Mix" (who did an article on Frithop on March 11, 1998) "I've been active in the hiphop-scene for about nine years now. For me it has become a way of life. All three of us are adepts of the street culture. Hiphop comes natural to us, anything else wouldn't."

The three rappers come from Mechelen, not your average suburb slum either, but it is a bit better for the street credibility of these rappers than coming from Izegem or Aarschot, as is the case for their fellow Frithoppers. The evaluation of the competition : "In our country, there are only very few groups doing the same stuff as we do. We don't feel related to a group like KIA at all. They are clearly on a commercial roll and have become part of the "Tien om te Zien"-circuit (note : Tien om Te Zien = a music program on the commercial Television Station VTM that mainly brings Flemish schlagers and commercial songs). I don't think we will evolve in that direction."

On the chances of hiphop finally breaking through : "We see the example from across the borders. We have contacts with the Dutch, German and French scene and what has succeeded there, will also succeed here".


The debut-album "ABN-normaal" was received very good by the Belgian Press and the single "Algemeen Beskaafd Nederlandz" (a cooperation between ABN and rapper Def P of the Dutch "Nederhop" formation Osdorp Posse) was voted into the Afrekening of Studio Brussel (main alternative chart of Flanders) immediately.
They opened the first day of the famous Torhout/Werchter festival in July 1998, but didn't get very good reviews for that show.

In 1999 Pita left the group, but Quinte proved to be twice as active as before. He released the third ABN-single "Vet and Fonky" (with A-team sample). He also was successful in his efforts to create a Flemish hiphop-scene with the compilation album "Frithop is dood" (Frithop's dead) on his own record label. This compilation was a starting point for Dutch-singing rap groups such as the Antwerp-based Sint-Andries MC's (who even had a hit with the song "Represent 2000 Antwaarpe" of this cd) or the Leuven-based Philibustas.

In April 2000, ABN released a second CD on the Dutch DJAX-label named "Seriewoordenaar". With guest-appearances of Adriaan van Hoof (nog nen tango?), Luc Devos (of Gorki), Sint-Andries MC's, Phillibustas (rock-rally final), Ya Kid K (of Technotronic) and Def P (Osdorp Posse), this is the first ABN-release without Pita, who now has his own crew with Nest. These days the ABN-cru consists of Quinte, MC LVA, Popol en DJ Money Pi. A raging mad single that was taken from the album, was the track "'k geef gene fok" (I don't give a fuck). Later also the surprising collaboration with Gorki's Luc de Vos on ex-Liefdadigheid and "Alo, wa?" would be released as a single, after the band had picked up a rap-award from TMF.

No time was wasted for the third album, as that was put on the shelves as "Nachtschade" already in April of the next year (translated, that title would be "nightshade", the plant, but in Dutch the word also reads "damage in the night"). With Quinte himself as producer, beats provided by P. Van Buyten and Money P, it was tried to put as little samples on the CD as possible and play more instruments by hand instead.
Guest vocalists on this album were Mental MC's (Phillibustas & Sint-Andries MC's), Leverancier (Filip Kowlier of 't Hof van Commerce), Pieter Embrechts (Kakkewieten, El Tattoo del Tigre) and Rudeboy (Urban Dance Squad). This last provided his part for the first single that was taken from this album "xxtralarge", which received an xxx-rated xx-tra videoclip as well.

Members :
- Quinte (raps)
- Pita, DJ Flip (at the time of Abnormaal)
- MC LVA, Popol, DJ MOney Pi (at the time of Seriewoordenaar)

Albums :
- ABN-ormaal (D-Jax, 1998)
- Seriewoordenaar (Djax, 2000)
- Nachtschade (DJax, 2001)

Websites :
- is the official homepage of band & crew.
- acts as the "official fansite"
- DJAX-records, their Dutch record company.
- My review of "Seriewoordenaar"

Forum :
- Read the messages/questions about ABN
- Add your message, question, cd- or concertreview ... about ABN




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