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Pretty weird and funny punk band singing (mainly) in Dutch.


35,3 sec. - 70 Kb.
song : Vosté, Tom Lumbeeck
Production: Wouter Van Belle
Year : 1995
Record co. : Virgin

"De gefrustreerden automobilist"
46,5 sec. - 91 Kb.
song : Vosté, Tom Lumbeeck
Production: Wouter Van Belle
Year : 1995
Record co. : Virgin

51,6 sec. - 101 Kb.
song : Vosté, Tom Lumbeeck
Production: Wouter Van Belle
Year : 1995
Record co. : Virgin


Their first record dates back from 1988, although I don't have a lot of info dating from that period.

"Astamblief", the second album, was released on the Dutch label Torso, and features the song "Belgian Asociality". The lyrics, a good example of the wacky humor of the band & go like this :

De Belgian Asociality dat is ook geen grap
We nemen ons erg serieus, we vinden ons eigen knap
Wat anderen van ons denken interesseert ons niet te zeer
Vinden ze ons slecht, vertellen ze 't toch geen tweede keer

(The Belgian Asociality, that is not a joke
We take us very serious, we're such handsome blokes
What other think of us, well never mind that
And if they think we're bad, they won't tell that twice


Their biggest "hits" are included on the album "ATP" (short for Adenosine Trifosfaat Preparaat) of 1995. "Morregen" (Tomorrow) and "De gefrusteerde automobilist" (the frustrated driver) both climbed up in De Afrekening (the alternative charts of Studio Brussels). The album also contains some witty other songs, such as "VeeTeeltMaatschappij" (a parody on the name of VTM, the commercial television station), "Em is duud" (a song in dialect about the life of Jesus), "EHBA" (a song describing in detail how to destroy the backstage area), "This body was made for boozing" (a cover of "These boots were made for walking") and "BA Houseparty" (a house-track).

The album was recorded in the South of France (as the liner notes say "In the Alpes Maritimes, above Nice, we met a few weirdo's. One had a recording studio. His name is Michael Caroli, and now he has some useful parts of a studio") and was produced by Wouter Van Belle (producer for e.g. Gorki, Noordkaap, Axelle Red, Wigbert) ("Someone who was not yet completely crazy, but has decided to bid farewell to the music industry and join the agricultural sector now").

Belgian Asociality also gets quite a lot of respect from the hiphop-crowd : the group ABN made his first demotapes in the backyard of Mark Vosté, an cooperated with BA on "Cut!" (a live-CD with all kinds of funny dialogues between the songs) and "Oh Ja" (a song for the Nederhopcollection "De Posse deel III").

Singer Mark Vosté also did a track on "Spelers en Drinkers", the tribute album to Belgian Singer Johan Verminnen (a cover of "Kom Jeanine"). Nowadays, he also has a side project of BA with the band Tjs@, a much "quieter" band with him, Peter Otto, Patrick Onsia, Erik Mertens and Tim Symons. "New witty lyrics ... that result in joyful moods with lots of winks and wordplay, spread out on a bed of different music genres and other weeds".

Band members :
- Mark Vosté (vocals)
- Tom Lumbeeck
- ...

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Albums :
- Belgian Asociality (Punk etc., 1988)
- Astamblief (Torso, 1991)
- Adenosine Trifosfaat Preparaat (Virgin, 1995)
- Cut! (Virgin, 1997)

Websites :
- the website of Mark Vosté & Belgian Asociality.
- The Website of Tsj@, including a webcam !
- Belgian Asociality homepage of the Netherlands, with lots of lyrics (Dutch only).
- Lyrics at Waltertje's Lyrics site

Discussieforum :
- Read the messages/questions about Belgian Asociality
- Add your message, question, cd- or concertreview ... about Belgian Asociality


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