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Brussels-based Françcaise who seemed to be heading for a beautiful career in 1992, but sunk into oblivion somewhere on the way.


uit"Turbigo 12-12" :

"Viens Simon "
1 min 9 sec. - 135 Kb.
song : P.Bourgogne / M-L Béraud

"Ma Muse"
59,3 sec. - 116 Kb.
song : P.Bourgogne / M-L Béraud

"Tout m'est égal"
1 min 4 sec. - 125 Kb.
song : Arno Hintjens, Jean-Marie Aerts, Marie-Laure Béraud

"Macadam Ramdam "
44,1 sec. - 87 Kb.
song : P.Bourgogne / M-L Béraud

Produced : Chaz Jankel
Year : 1992
Record co. : BMG France


She was born in Lyon, but as so many French do went on to study, live and work (painting & music) in Paris. There she met a certain Arno Hintjens, one good looking Belgian, and came to Brussels with him.


In 1991 she recorded the album "Turbigo 12-12" with a few of his musical buddies. It produced a very well succeeded record with a mix of music-hall, blues, tango & chanson. The song "Viens Simon" became a modest radiohit in a number of countries.

The musicians accompanying her on this album were :
- Jean-Pierre Onraedt on drums (formerly also in studio-sessions for Octopus, Soulsister, Kris de Bruyne ...)
- Roland Van Campenhout on guitar and banjo (see Roland and Charles & Les Lulus)
- Adriano Cominotto on accordion and keyboards (also from Charles & Les Lulus, these days also known as the piano-player from the TV-show "Leuven Centraal")
- Koen de Cauter on contrabass, sax and clarinet (musette-specialist for Johan Verminnen and others)
- Arno on harp (see TC Matic and Arno ...)
The production of the album was done by Englishman Chaz Jankel (known for his work with Ian Dury and his own small hit in 1981 "Glad to know you").

In return for their contributions to her record, Marie-Laure wrote some songs for Roland (the song "Les Femmes" on "Little Sweet Taste") and for her partner Arno (the song "Martha Ma Douce" on Idiots Savants). Arno told about this song in an interview with Humo in 1993 "The lyrics were written by my girlfriend. I had written a song for her album (Tout m'est égal), and had simply asked for something in return. One morning I woke up and found those lyrics laying on my face. I read them and liked 'em immediately. She had laid them on my face because she said the lyrics were so much like me. And she was right too."

The musical career of the singer didn't went on to great heights after that though. In an interview with Weekend-Knack in 1997 she explained it as follows : "The record had done very well. We had gotten a lot of media-attention, we performed on stage from Amsterdam to New York. I was on the brink of recording a second album, when suddenly a number of people from my record company disappeared. From one day to the next the confidence in what I was doing had gone. In the music biz, one day you're a star, and the next you're nothing. The music I was making was not very commercial, and record companies hate taking chances. But I still continue to write songs. I just finished one called "Il me manque un hit" (what I lack is a hit), who knows ..."

Apart from the music, Marie-Laure Béraud also got known for her paintings (on porcelain, furniture, tissues ...) which she has exposed in Brussels and Paris.

foto : Patrick De Spiegelaere

Albums :
- Turbigo 12-12 (BMG France, 1991)

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