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Sarah Beth is no-one other than Sarah Bettens, singer of the famous and internationally renowned group "K's Choice"


"I'm so lonesome I could cry"
49,5 sec. - 97 Kb.
song : Hank Williams
Produced : ??
Year : 1992
Record co. : Double T

"Why don't you try me"
1 min 18 sec. - 154 Kb.
song : Ry Cooder
Produced : Jean Blaute
Year : 1993
Record co. : Double T

"M'n broer en ik"
120 sec. - 233 Kb.
song : Bert Verm, Johan Verminnen
Year : 1995
Record co. : EMI


Sarah got a taste for singing when her brother Gert was rehearsing his songwriting. With local friends, they formed a few groups. A tape of one of their little "performances" was heard by the father of a friend of Sarah, no one other than Rocco Granata. He heard the potential of that voice immediately, and introduced her in the recording business.

Double T, a small Dutch firm, fell in love with Sarah's smoky voice and recorded a single with her. This was "I'm so lonesome I could cry", a cover of an old Hank Williams' song, meant for a short film of Patrice Toye "Vrouwen willen trouwen".
The single sold exceptionally well : it got to n° 5 in the national hitparade. Part of the success came from shorthaired Sarah's first television gig : at the 5th anniversary of commercial TV-station VTM.


Because of this success, she was also asked to record a song for another soundtrack : that of "Ad Fundum". Together with Frankie Miller (best known song "Darlin'", 1978), she recorded the Ry Cooder song "Why don't you try me".

When she was offered a contract to record a full CD, she quickly remembered the songwriting capabilities of her brother Gert once again, and formed the band "The Choice". The career of "Sarah Beth" was already finished.

On the right, I've also included a song that Sarah did for the 1995 tribute album to Belgian singer Johan Verminnen. Quite appropriate that she recorded "M'n broer en ik" (my brother and I). You can read more on this "Spelers & Drinkers"-project on it's own page within the archive.

Photograph up left: Sarah Bettens in the "Blauwe veters-campagne" against landmines of Handicap International.

Singles :
- I'm so lonesome I could cry (Double T - 1992)
- Why don't you try me (soundtrack "Ad Fundum", duet met Frankie Miller) (Double T, 1993)

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    Sarah Bettens

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