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The Boerenzonen Op Speed

Fun punkband from Kessel-Lo that got some fame with a triphopsong, a combination that made them the original triphoptractorpunkers, with a name meaning "The Farmer's sons on Speed".


"Vliegtuig ('k ga u komen halen)"
1 min 8 sec. - 124 Kb.
song : E. Lesire, J. De Rijck
Year : 1996
Record co. : Dino

"Eén voor u (en 2 voor mij)"
1 min 16 sec. - 149 Kb.
song : Erik Lesire

51 sec. - 101 Kb.
song : E. Lesire, J. De Rijck

"I love you"
1 min 27 sec. - 171 Kb.
song : Erik Lesire

Year : 1997
Record co. : Double T Music


The song in question was "Vliegtuig" (Aeroplane) of 1996, meanwhile a Flemish "classic" with it's parlando vocals, sluggish beat and greasy accent (da'k a geire zien, gij da'k het meen, me u alleen). This song was a bit of a joke according to the group itself, but it was certainly one that paid off (6 weeks in de Afrekening etc.. ). "The new style meant more gigs, and gigs mean free food & drinks! Their new style even got them a tour in Bosnia. Although that last bit is hardly a thing to envy them, since one of their guitars still has a bullet hole in it as a recollection of that tour!".


In 1997 the singles that came afterwards were bundled on the CD "100% EMO (200% AMU)", released on Double T. On it featured a number of surprising covers covers (Tom Waits, Louis Neefs, Sex Pistols) and guest roles of people such as Mies Meulders (see Lama's) and Tom Lumbeeck (see Belgian Asociality). The styles of the songs ranged from cabaret to rock, from jungle to metal and from triphop to ambient, something that also caused such diverse reactions in the press such as :
- "Quite a nice album that suffers a bit from the fact that there seem to be two singers. The guy from "Vel tegen Vel" is a fantastic diseur with a cut dialect. The other singer is much less original, causing the level to degrade rapidly. All in all a reasonable debut, although a bit of weeding would've been better" (said Jacky Huys in Knack).
- "Erik van Neygen who - after an experiment with LSD that went completely wrong - has the false idea that Sanne is one hot animal wanting to be jumped upon twice a minute, that's the way these gentlemen sound. "Tien om te Zien" with a fat wink of the eye, but not a pubic hair better. The Boerenzonen op Speed is a dumb joke of which we have missed the clue. A fart in a bottle by an Indian that loves hot & spicy." (wrote mvs in Humo)

After a number of years of touring the various festivals and clubs in Flanders (and a small attempt to make it in Holland), the band called it quits in the summer of 1999.

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Albums :
- 100% EMO (200% AMU) - (Double T, 1997)
Singles :
- Vliegtuig (ik ga u komen halen) (Dino, 1996)
- Vel tegen vel (Double T, 1997)
- Zaaien (Double T, 1997)
- Eén voor u (en Twee voor mij) (Double T, 1997)

Websites :
- The Boerenzonen-stable (hasn't changed since 1996 though)

Forum :
- Read the messages/questions about Boerenzonen Op Speed
- Add your message, question, cd- or concertreview ... about B.O.S.



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