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Flemish female pianoplaying singer-songwriter that had the emphasis of her musical career in the seventies.


55 sec. - 108 Kb.

"Fleur de Buda"
56 sec. - 111 Kb.

songs : Della Bosiers
Produced : Frans Ieven
Year : 1971
Record co. : Philips

1 min 16 sec. - 149 Kb.
song : Della Bosiers
Year : 1974
Record co. : Philips

"Oud Vrouwtje"
1 min 6 sec. - 130 Kb.
song : Della Bossiers

"Bossa Rossa"
51 sec. - 100 Kb.
song : Della Bossiers / Herman de Coninck

1 min 3 sec. - 125 Kb.
song : Ben Van der Linden / Della Bossiers

"Brussel Centraal"
57 sec. - 112 Kb.
song : Della Bossiers

Year : 1975
Record co. : EMI


As a student in journalism Adèle Bosiers (born 1946 in Mortsel) started her musical career in a contest by Antwerp University students "Carpe Noctem" (although she already had participated in "crochet"-contest as a teenager, singing songs such as "Zwei Kleine Italiener"). But the contest was won with a song of her own "Le Jardin de mon Coeur". Soon afterwards, her ways led into Dutch cabaret, under the guidance of Peter Blanker, Ramses Shaffy and voice-coach Ellie de Jong.


In 1971 she made her debut on vinyl, with the album "Della Bosiers" in a production of Frans Ieven (who worked with all artists from that genre, such as Kris de Bruyne, Jan De Wilde ...) and featuring the support of Raymond van het Groenewoud in her band. On the album featured the song "Fleur de Buda", about the unsightly little station "Haren-Buda". To the "Komplete Kleinkunstgeschiedenis" she told about that "We went filming there for a series on industrialization in Flanders. The feeling of grayness and despondency I encountered there made it's way into that song, but there still was some room for optimism, cause the true theme is finding shelter with one another".

From her second album "Kwartetten" of 1974 the jolly "Jefke" became the most noted song (about her feelings about Flanders seen from above the Dutch frontiers - "ze hebben me m'n zachte G's al vaak verweten sinds ik hier in het Noorden ben beland, ik heb hier heel wat builen sleche friet gevreten, ze hebben me gezegd je moet het maar vergeten, de passie voor het blonde vlaamse land"). The album also featured a song called "Cleo in de Kinderwagen", about her girl-child. A bit later, she also was part of the memorable duet with Wim de Craene in "Mensen van achttien".

But for a breakthrough to the general public (outside the incrowd of the lovers of "kleinkunst"), she had to wait a few more years : that breakthrough strangely enough didn't come about because of her friendly and jazzy music, but because of her participation in the "Wies Andersen Show", a weekly TV-panel that was very popular in those days.

In the middle of the seventies she teamed up with Ben Van der Linden (who would later also become her partner in life. Together with the "Ben Van der Linden Groep" she recorded "Met Hart en Ziel", for the new record firm IBC (EMI). On it featured the poignant song "Oud Vrouwtje" with the lines "Zo zijn er duizenden als jij, nog eenzamer dan jij, een beetje kinderlijk, beverig en klein. Ze zijn er duizenden als jij, een hele lange rij, die niet meer leeft, maar wacht ... - "Old lady - There are thousands just like you, more lonely than you, a little childlike, doddering, and small. There are thousands like you, a very long line, who don't live anymore, but wait", and her (as far as we could find) only single "Centraal Station".

It took almost 15 years for a fourth album of Della to come out ("Tien plekken om nooit meer te vergeten" in 1993, with songs about more or less famous places), although she hadn't been forgotten in that period because of her career in the media (as a journalist for Knack, a composer of music for a few children's TV series, as a column-writer for the radio-programme "Het genootschap", a juror in the talent contest "Sterrenwacht", as a presenter of a few TV1-shows.) In 1998 she was the "godmother" of the cancer-fundraising project "Kom Op Tegen Kanker".

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Albums :
- Della Bosiers (Philips, 1971)
- Kwartetten (Philips, 1974)
- Verzameld (Philips, 1976)
- Met Hart en Ziel (Emi, 1976 - re-issued on CD as "de ultieme kleinkunstcollectie" by BMG Ariola in 1994)
- Tien plekken om nooit meer te vergeten (Eufoda, 1993)

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Della Bosiers

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