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Rhodesian artist who came to live and record in Belgium during the sixties and has scored a number of hits in that period.


"Give and take"
42,3 sec. - 83 Kb.
song: G. Chambers
Production : A. Vano
Year : 1969
Record co. : Ronnex

"The girl who plays the bass guitar"
35,1 sec. - 69 Kb.
song: Chris Kritzinger - G. South
Production : A. Vano
Year : 1969
Record co. : Ronnex


Brian was part of the highly successful sixties band the Shake Spears, a group of white Rhodesians who were adopted by Albert Van Hoogten, the manager for the Belgian record label Ronnex. They have scored some hits with "Shake it over" in 1965 and "Summertime" in 1966.

In the Shake Spears there were two lead singers : Brian and Gene Latter. After the split-up of the band, they both got a solo career.

Brian debuted with Poinciana (number 5 in the Belgian top 30). His biggest hit however was the third single "Give and take". The singles "Come back girl" and "Cara-Lin" also made it into the hitparades, after which Brian slowly started to vanish from the stage.

Gene Latter has had a hit in 1971 with "Catch my soul" but has gone from bad to worse (eg. the 1978 disco single "John Travolta, you are a superstar").


Platen (The Shake Spears)
- Summertime (Tornado, 1966)

Platen (Brian):
- Brian (Ronnex, 1968)
- Brian (Ronnex, 1969)
Singles :
- Poinciana - Do-dum-dum (Ronnex, 1968)
- Look at me - I'm gonna love you (Ronnex, 1968)
- Give and take - And I love her (Ronnex, 1968)
- Come back girl - If I had my way (Ronnex, 1968)
- I will stay - Too late for tears (Ronnex, 1969)
- The girl who plays the bass guitar - Half hearted (Ronnex, 1969)
- Cara-Lin - Time (Ronnex, 1969)
- Money and love - Just a little more (Ronnex, 1969)
- The Rainmaker - World of evergreen (MCA, 1970)

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