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Side project of Arno & friends in 1990-1991.

  "Rhythm of the sea"
34,5 sec. - 68 Kb.
song: ??
Year : 1991
Record co. : Virgin

This group is what could be considered as a Belgian "supergroup", with Arno, living legend Roland and the multitalented instrumentalists Ad Cominotto (also known as the piano-player for "Leuven Centraal") and Piet Jorens (also known as the percussionist on found objects during the summer of 1998 in "Tips for Trips", collaborated with dEUS, Vive La Fête).

Together they recorded an album in 1991 entitled "Charles et Les Lulus" on which they interpret old (and new) blues classics in a unique way. On stage they performed the songs on the album together with some of Arno's own music.

Arno in an interview on Charles et Les Lulus some years later :
"I look back on the period with Charles et Les Lulus as the most beautiful period of my life. Officially it's behind me now, but it could well be I make another record with those chums. I've learned a lot from them. Like that's there's no use in spending too much time in the studio. And, more importantly : that I got to know Roland very well. That makes you better person. ... Through Charles et Les Lulus many young people have learned about the existence of Roland. If that alone would have been the purpose of the group, it would've been worthwhile."

Roland himself was also happy about the project. However, he doubts there will ever be a second album : "I don't know what's going trough Arno's head, but I suspect he doesn't want to go back to the past. I feel that the group was a very good one, so I wouldn't say no if we could cooperate once again."

Ad Cominotto has since the project cooperated with Arno on almost all his albums. Charles et les Lulus minus Piet Jorens also performed together as the backing group of ms. Arno, Marie-Laure Béraud on her debut album "Turbigo 12-12". Roland and Piet Jorens also helped to launch the group of Arno's new guitar-player Geoffrey Burton with Pieter-Jan De Smet.

In 1998, Arno has reformed a new band under the name of his alter ego Charles again, this time with younger and less respected musicians. This band's called Charles & The White Trash European Blues Connection.

Band members :
- Arno Hintjens - vocals, melodica
- Ad Cominotto - keyboards, accordion
- Roland Van Campenhout - guitar
- Piet Jorens - drums

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Albums :
- Charles & Les Lulus (Virgin, 1991).

Websites :
- The music and story of Charles et Les Lulus can be found on the excellent Arno-website.

Forum :
- Read the messages/questions about Charles & Les Lulus
- Add your message, question, cd- or concertreview ... about Charles & Les Lulus


Charles & Les Lulus

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