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Band from Louvain-La-Neuve that tried to pleasantly mix French chanson and Celtic folk at the end of the 1990's.


"Ca vous gêne"
47,8 sec. - 94 Kb.
song : Coïncidence
Jaar : 1997

1'02 sec. - 122 Kb.
song : Yves Barbieux, Sébastien et Guillaume Duthoit
Jaar : 1997

"Les odeurs"
1'20 sec. - 166 Kb.
song : Yves Barbieux, Sébastien et Guillaume Duthoit
Procuder: Nicolas Vandooren
Jaar : 1999
Record Co : Universal


The group was founded 'round & about 1995, by Yves Barbieux and the brothers Duthoit (sons of a poet from Tournai). This treesome with an interest in French pop met Laurent Jamart (a biofarmer from Jodoigne, which they later labelled "papa folk"), who introduced them to traditional Celtic music in the tradition of Malicorne or Tri Yann. During the next year, the tree came in contact - all rather coïncidentally, hence the name "Coïncidence" - with bass-playerLuc Evens, violinist Marc Docquir and bagpiper Jean-François Geubel. Although all of these were students in their early 20's, hey all shared a common interest in this traditional music. However, they weren't planning on copying it, but mixing it with more contemporary music-form, first and foremost with french chanson. The line-up of Coïncidence came to be bass, drums & guitar, in combination with bagpipe, violin and flute.


In 1997 recorded and self-published (with a budget of 500.000 fr) the cd "Prières d'hommes". Apart from the musical mix, the press noted the lyrics, which were described by Guillaume to Le Soir as : "the lyrics resemble our music: they are authentic. Very poetic, with lots of wordplay. And perhaps a tad hermetical", and the very strange hats that they were all wearing on stage ("It's our violinist who has brought these with him from a trip to Turkey. We don't wear them on stage, but we thought it was amusing for the picture.").
The reactions to this debut Cd were certainly enthusiastic. La Wallonie for example wrote: "The band «Coïncidence» is the key exemple of the renewal of folk in Wallonia. The band ... makes a very handy synthesis between chanson and the music that's called popular. The melodies are well-cared-for starting from a guitar-bass-drums architectures, which is enriched with a multitude of instruments such as the accordion, melodica, bagpipes, tin-whistle, la mandole. The percussion ends up in very strange sounds and enigmatic sound effects. A song such as «Ca vous gène» fits perfectly on the radio. There is a freshness in their tone, and a quality of sound passe. Tri Yann or other Malicorne don't have to worry that their heritage isn't looked after ... «Coïncidence», a debut album that surprises". They sell 3000 copies of it, mainly after gigs.

With "Prières d'hommes" under the arm, the band succeeded in getting gigs from Canada to France and Belgium (also in Flanders, where the group played twice at "Winterfolk" in the Ancienne Belgique). After the tour, Marc Docquir and Guillaume Duthoit leave the band though. Fabrice Dumont (violin) comes into it.


In 1999 they record a second CD, named "Pantins Pirates" genaamd, with Nicolas Vandooren. For this CD, the band signed a deal with Universal Music. Still, Coïncidence weren't very interested in riding the wave of the commercially renewed interest for Celtic folk (as witnessed by the success of Manau & co). Seb about this : "I don't like it too much when this music with nothing but marketing objectives. The result can be quite efficient ... but it has a really perverse ring to it. There was this record company who wanted to produce our next album. Their demands, probably inspired by the " phénomène celtique"? Sampling the bagpipes, bringing in electric guitars and choirs... Naturally, we refused". They did release a single to promote the album, the poetic "Les Odeurs".
On"Pantins Pirates" the band went much further in discovering the possibilities of working in the studio, rather than laying their live-sound on tape as was the case with the first album. That's why they brought in other musicians in the mix, such as a children's choir, a violin-quartet, a saxophone player and the girls from Laïs. At the CD-presentation in October '99, there was also a surprise gig of these - especially in Flanders - immensely popular folk band.

Yves Barbieux already indicated that he was dreaming of a project in which folk would be mixed with more contemporary, urban, music (inspired by Wilfried Brits of Universal Music). THis would result in Urban Trad. Somewhere during the year 2000, it was decided that Urban Trad had a better future than Coïncidence, so this band was disbanded.

Members :
- Yves Barbieux (accordion, flute, tin-whistle, percussion)
- Guillaume Duthoit (mandole, backing vocals)
- Sébastien Duthoit (vocals, guitar)
- Luc Evens (bass)
- Emmanuel Lurquin (drums, percussion)
- Marc Docquir - Fabrice Dumont (violin)
- Jean-François Geubel (bagpipes, tin-whistle)

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Albums :
- Prières d'hommes (CD, 1997)
- Pantins Pirates (Universal, 1999)

Websites :
- Coïncidence-site from 1997
- The official site after the release of "Pantins Pirates" in 1999

Forum :
- Read the messages about Coïncidence
- Add your message, question, cd- or concertreview ... about Coïncidence in the Forum



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