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Guitar group of the late fifties and early sixties who were among the first to successfully export "rock & roll" music from Belgium. Played Shadows-like music and also had a stage act which resembled that of The Shadows.

  "Kili watch"
46,9 sec. - 92 Kb.
song: Derese
Production : Jean Klger
Jaar :1960
Record co. : Palette

Started off at the end of the fifties as "La Jeune Equipe". Their main occupation was playing at the birthday parties of the rich and noble. They change their name to "Les Cousins" when they were asked to perform in a club with the same name on the 14th of July (French fte nationale). It's there that the group gets a record contract with Jean Klger.

The cheerful song "Kili-Watch" of 1960 becomes an instant and huge hit. In a few months 50.000 copies are sold, an enormous amount for the Belgian record market at that point. The song is an adaptation of an Indian warsong that bass-player Derese had picked up during his years as a boy-scout.

A fight over the royalties for "Kili-Watch" has Derese leaving the group. He forms "The Kili-Jacks" but fails to make an impact.

The group manages to extend their popularity for more than 5 years. In "Wit-lof from Belgium" it says : "They were clean boys, always smiling and in clean suits that knew where to get their inspiration. Listen to the newest dance craze abroad, add a bit of folklore and a spiceless Shadows-sauce and bingo!. Titles like "When the Cousins come twistin' in" and "The Limbo Rock" speak for themselves."

They also had the press behind them, as they were the first Belgian "rock-n-rollers" that made it abroad : Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Zaire and Argentina (where they enjoyed the status of half-gods under the hispanized name "Los Primos".).

The game lasted till the end of 1966. More then 20 years later they would reform occasionally to perform on "Golden Oldies" and collect some Diamond Awards.

Hits (in Belgium):
- Kili Watch (1960, highest position n 3, 6 months on the charts)
- Buddha / Kana kapila (1961, highest position n 10)
- Parasol (1961, highest position n 15)
- Dang dang (1961, highest position n 9)
- Relax (1962, highest positon n 14)
- Lawdy lawdy (1962, highest positon n 15)
- Whadiya (1963, highest position n 18)
- Dansevise (1963, highest position n 15)

Hits (in België):
- Kili Watch (1960, hoogste notering n 3, 6 maanden)
- Buddha / Kana kapila (1961, hoogste notering n 10)
- Parasol (1961, hoogste notering n 15)
- Dang dang (1961, hoogste notering n 9)
- Relax (1962, hoogste notering n 14)
- Lawdy lawdy (1962, hoogste notering n 15)
- Whadiya (1963, hoogste notering n 18)
- Dansevise (1963, hoogste notering n 15)

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Albums :
- The Cousins (1962, Palette)
- Live (1964, MGPB)
Compilations :
- Greatest Hits (1966, Palette)
- Twist (EMI)
- Golden Bestsellers (EMI Bestsellers)
- The best of (Ariola, 1989)

Band members :
- Andr Vande Meerschout (vocals and guitar)
- Guido Vande Meerschout (vocals and guitar)
- Gust Derese / Jean Huysmans (bass)
- Adrien Ransy / Pol Prciaux (drums)

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The Cousins

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