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Inspired singer-songwriter (°1950, Ghent / +1990, Ghent).


70,3 sec. - 138 Kb.
song: Wim Decraene
Jaar :1975
Record co. : Omega

"Mensen van 18" (met Della Bossiers)
79,9 sec. - 156 Kb.
song: Wim Decraene
Jaar :1975
Record co. : Omega

41,5 sec. - 81 Kb.
song: Wim Decraene
Produced : Dirk Bogaert
Jaar :1983
Record co. : Ariola


Although a maker of "luisterliedjes" ("songs to listen to" - a term denoting music where the lyrics are as or even more important than the melody or beat), he wouldn't be confined to the borders of the genre. In the eighties he incorporated some modern influences in his music (such as synthesizers ...).

Was discovered in the sixties (by Miel Cools), while he was singing with the folk-group "Ja" (Yes). After being introduced into the world of artists, he moved to Holland for a while, where he teamed up with Ramses Shaffy (he even named his kid Ramses later).

His first single "Recht naar de kroegen en de wijven" (straight to the bars and the ladies), was a contribution to the Heist-festival of 1970. After this, he toured the country with Tim Visterin. His debut-album came in 1973.


The high points of his career are the album "Alles is nog bij het oude" of 1975 (featuring the memorable duet with Della Bosiers in "Mensen van Achttien"), and his comeback LP of 1983 "Kraaknet". In between, he also did some musicals ("Help ik win een miljoen", 1977 & "Jan de Lichte", 1988), experimented with jazz-rock, formed a band "Perte Totale", participated twice in the Eurosong-preselections for Belgium (in 1981 with "Compagnie" and in 1983 with "Kristien").

In September 1990, this romantic soul took the way that only the most romantic take : he committed suicide.

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Albums :
- Wim De Craene (1973)
- Brussel (1974)
- Alles is nog bij het oude (Omega, 1975)
- Rozerood-oranje (MCA)
- Is ook nooit weg (Decca, 1977)
- Perte Totale (1980)
- Kraaknet (Ariola, 1983)
- Via Dolorosa (Dureco, 1988)
Compilations :
- Het Beste van Wim De Craene (LP - 1982)
- Het Beste van Wim De Craene (CD, 1990)
Singles :
- Recht naar de kroegen en de wijven / Revolutie n 2 (1970, MCA)
- Portret van gisteren / Rozerood-oranje (MCA)
- De kleine man / Tante Emma (Omega, 1974)
- Rozanne / Sara (Elf Provincien, 1975)
- Marcellino / Stad (Omega, 1976)
- Help ik win een miljoen / Flatlied (Omega, 1978)
- St.Tropez / Rollen (Lark, 1980)
- Ravage / Zonder benzine (Lark, 1980)
- Hoor / Bwana kitoko (CBS, 1982)
- Ik kan geen kikker van de kant afduwen (Racoon, 1981)
- Het exuberante leven van Wim de Craene (Rainbow)
- Kristien / Matilda (Ariola, 1983)
- Rikky / An en Jan (Ariola, 1983)
- Laat me met je meegaan / Kraaknet (Ariola, 1983)
- Breek uit jezelf / Levenslang (Dureco, 1987)
- Vrijwillig / Desperado (Dureco, 1988)
- Leen (1990)
- Enkel in een broekje (1990)

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Wim de Craene

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