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Rapcrew from Schaerbeek who are among the fouding brothers of the hiphop-scene in Belgium with their French- & Spanish-lyricced rap.


van "Une ball dans la tête"

"Esto Es De Puta Mama"
1 min 16 sec. - 150 Kb.

"Strictly Barrio Sound"
1 min 17 sec. - 151 Kb.

van "Technik Stonic"

1 min 5 sec. - 128 Kb.

"Trip 'n Tranquilo"
1 min 23 sec. - 163 Kb.
Year : 1999
Record co. : 9mm


The crew came about within the posse from Brussels names R.A.B. (Rabulldogz). The name of the band was found in Spain, where "de puta madre" does not only mean "son of a whore", but also "excellent!" or an exclamation of enthusiasm. Rayer in Rif-Raf : "We were really into Puerto-Rican movies at the time. We even started talking like chicanos. But it just means "Waaw, mortel!". That is part of our ego-tripping. We work our butts of to become really good. And we really dig ourselfves, and our friends. We dig our posse. We are de puta madre".


In 1995 they made their debut with the album "Une ball dans la tête", an album that hit the Belgian hiphop-circles like a bomb, as it was about the first time that the underground rap-scene came along with a self-produced full-album (on 9mm). Moreover, De Puta Madre was also hailed abroad (Spain, France, Canada, Holland) and even made a small cross-over to hardcore and rock-audiences in Belgiaum (eg. their presence at the Pukkelpop-festival. A big part in the original sound of the album came from the turntable-wizard Grazzhoppa from Bruges, in combination with the inventive and sometimes jazzy samples of Smimooz.

In the long period in between the first and the second album, the member of the PM-crew didn't remain inactive at all : Pee Gonzalez (aka Sozy One, aka Pablo, the graffiti-artist and rapper of Spanish descent) made a streetwear-collection and a maxi of his own. Rayer released a maxi "Carjack les cardiacs" and coordinates most of the 9mm-activities. Smimooz was busy producing a number of underground hiphop-compilations and releases of other 9mm-rappers (Lickweed, Kingsize...)
In this same period also, there were a number of new crews in Brussels and french rap emerging on the scene (for example CNN with Rival, Starflam, FRJ ...), which had as a consequence that the second album of De Puta Madre in 1999 didn't get quite the reception of the debut. Rayer : "Because of our first album, many started thinking "if they can do it, so can we". We have proven that hiphop-material can be released in Belgium, and other have found energy in that. That is a satisfaction for us. It's very positive that there is more than one Belgian production in the shops. But on the other hand : we are still De Puta Madre. Everybody is curious of our next move".


For "Technik Stonic" they cooperated with No Sleep Nigel (mixer of The Herbaliser, London Posse, Blade ...), which resulted in record that was closer to the "avereage" hiphop in 1999 than the first album was. The relaxed, jazzy atmosphere of the debut had evolved to a sound that was more like the sound of the big city. The cd was preceded by the excellent single "Vandal", and was promoted at the Ancienne Belgique during two concerts that included guests such as the French Faf Larage and the Dutch E-Life.

Band members :
- MC Rayer
- Pee Gonzalez
- DJ Smimooz

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Albums :
- Une ball dans la tête (9mm, 1995)
- Esto es de puta mama (maxi, 9mm, 1995)
- Vandal (maxi, 9mm, 1999)
- Technik Stonik (9mm, 1999)

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De Puta Madre

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