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Marc Dex is a crooner that was at the peek of Flemish showbizz at the end of the sixties.


"O Clown!"
52,5 sec. - 103 Kb.
song : M. Dex, L. Van Rymenant, K. Van Herck, R. Witt
Producer : L.J.Van Rymenant
Year : 1968
Record co. : Arcade Records


Born in Retie (3/3/1943) as Marcel Deckx, he & his brother Jules were part of the orchestra The Ruby's from a young age. The Deckx-brothers were discovered by Karel Van Herck, during the day a commander in the Belgian Army, during the evenings a showbizz-manager. He introduced the boys to Louis van Rymenant, at that time a well-known producer. He helped to launch Marc with a sentimental song, brother Jules with a comical act (de Juul Kabas).


In 1967 he made a name for himself with "Als wij marcheren" (when we go marching), but his big breakthrough came a year after, with the sentimental "O, Clown!". This song was one of the three with which he took part in the Canzonissima-festival. This popular song-contest (also the preselection for the Eurovision-songcontest) was the creation of artist & television producer Bob Boon, and has meant the beginning of the career for the likes of Anneke Soetaert, Jimmy Frey, Johan Stollz, Samantha, Micha Marah and Kate's Kennel. The jury had no high esteem of "O Clown", but the audience was captured and made it a big hit.

In 1968 Marc Dex turned out to be one of Flanders' most popular singers and he very briefly had a go at the (undisputed) crown of Will Tura. After his biggest hit "Naar Amerika" (with psychedelic lyrics about monkeys and "hela hoela's"), his career drifted slowly in the direction of oblivion. He made a career in insurance, had his own bar, a booking agency (Tibur Producions) and a family.

The fact that Marc Dex today is still a household name in Flanders is mostly due to the fact that he is the father of Barbara Dex. She was the Belgian participant in the Eurosong-contest in 1993 with "Iemand als jij" (something father never has accomplished). Despite the fact that she ended up last in Dublin, she is building a solid career (with English song) for herself.

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Albums :
- Mark Dex & The Ruby's (LP, 1967 ?)
- O Clown (LP, 1968)
- ...
- Marc Dex '85 (LP, 1985)
- Liedjes van vroeger en nu (CD, 1982)
Best known singles (+ highest chart position in Belgium)
- Als wij marcheren (1967 - 18)
- O Clown ! (1968 - 4)
- La la la lai (1968 - 9)
- Niet huilen Mama (1968 - 3)
- Bla bla bla (1968 - 12)
- Rozen zonder doornen (1968 - 3)
- Vergeef mij (1968 - 9)
- Maar in Amerika (1969 - 1)
- Aardig meisje van de buiten (1969 - 9)
- Morgen is het te laat (1969 - 13)
- Palma De Mallorca (1969 - 2)
- Joekeidi (1970 - 6)
- In jouw ogen (1970 - 28)
- Tennessee baby (1971 - 25)
- Monica (1971 - 30)

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Marc Dex

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