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American singer who came to live in Brussels during the eighties. Incredibly "cool" and low sexy voice. Or, as it was once described in the magazine Smart "The voice of the erotic, tense, despairing, Peggy Lee-meets-Nico, thinking woman -i.e., postmodern platinum".


37,4 sec. - 74 Kb.
song : A. Taylor
Year : 1984
Procuded : Marc Moulin & Dan Lacksman
Record co. : Crépuscule

Luc Van Acker - "Zanna"
47,7 sec. - 94 Kb.
song : Van Acker, Domino
Produced : J-M Aerts.
Year : 1985
Record co. : EMI


She recorded quite a few albums of her own, but will in Belgium always best be remembered for her cooperation with Luc Van Acker (see Luc Van Acker or Arbeid Adelt) on the memorable single "Zanna".


Anna Domino was part of the active Brussels music scene in the middle of the eighties, where quite a lot of "immigrants" from the States and England contributed to an exiting, experimental musical climate (among others e.g. Blaine L. Reininger, Tuxedomoon, the Legendary Pink Dots, Isabelle Antena, Paul Haig ...). Many of these were housed by the independent record label "Les Disques du Crépuscule" (as e.g. Marine, The Names ...). She also did a number of guest-appearances on album of others, such as on "Temperamental" by Kid Montana (another half Belgian/half American affair).


Though she disappeared slowly from the public eye in Belgium, Anna Domino has continued to record and publish her songs ever since. She has worked with Alan Rankine (The Associates), Marc Moulin & Dan Lacksman (Telex), Flood (Depeche Mode, Erasure ...), Blaine L. Reiniger (Tuxedomoon) and Anton Sanko (Suzanne Vega).

In 1999, Anna resurfaced as Snakefarm and the cd "Songs From My Funeral", a project that has been described as "Acid-blues? Folk-funk? Troubadour trip-hop?" by the American music-press. Together with her Belgian husband Michel Delory (with whom she has been living in the desert for years), she recorded a number of old American folk songs (or "murder ballads" as Nick Cave calls them) such as "John Henry", "Saint James Infirmary", "Tom Dooley" ...) in a contemporary wrapper.

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Albums :
- East and West (Crépuscule - 1984)
- This Time (Crépuscule - 1987)
- Colouring in the edge and the outline (Crépuscule - 1988)
- L'Amour fou (Crépuscule - 1989)
- Mysteries of America (Crépuscule - 1990)
- Favourite songs from the Twilight years (US-compilation - Janken Pon, 1997)
- Snakefarm (Kneeling Elephant, 1999)
Singles en 12''
- Trust in love / Repeating (Crépuscule, 1983)
- Rhythm / Target (Crépuscule, 1984)
- Take that / Koo koo (Crépuscule, 1985)
- Lake / Hammer (Crépuscule, 1987)
- Tempting / Always always (Crépuscule, 1988)

Websites :
- A nice website in the States with a lot of short extracts of her music and detailed info on her albums can be found here.
- Snakefarm at Bugjuice

Forum :
- Read the messages/questions about Anna Domino
- Add your message, question, cd- or concertreview ... about Anna Domino



Anna Domino

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