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Interesting new female band, centered around the charming voices of Roos Van Acker & Sofie Buyck.

  "My boat"
17 sec. - 34 Kb.
song : Eden
Produced :P.Despieghelaere.
Year : 1996
Record co. : EMI/Parlophone

"Mary Ann"
39,2 sec. - 77 Kb.
song : Eden
Produced :P.Despieghelaere.
Year : 1998
Record co. : EMI/Parlophone

Voor audio uit "Seafood" (1999) klik hier


After a few years in the rehearsal rooms under the name "The Sugarbrides", their debut was the well-received single "My Boat" of 1996. Jacky Huys wrote in Knack : "The group Eden has asked Paul Despieghelaere - see The Machines - to do the production of "My Boat", a carbon copy of Veruca Salt that adds zero percent to the legacy of 20th century music, but still filss the airwaves with non-disturbing powerpop". Thanks to this, and the next single "Springtime" they played a lot of the summer festivals and got ready for a full album.

This album followed at the end of 1997 and was pulled by the single with the same title "Morning Bear". As the review in Humo went : "Morning Bear is freshing up the radiowaves for some weeks now. "Teenage Fanclub with Pussy", was my first, somewhat inappropriate but still valid description. I recommend this album, even if it was only for the way Sofie & Roos sing "I'm going to Alabama with a horse between my legs. Mmmmarvelous".


The second single of the album "Mary Ann" was a bit softer and folksy and has resided in De Afrekening (the alternative chart of Studio Brussels) for more than 10 weeks.

After the initial interest in Belgium, the group - that has the solid backing of EMI-Belgium - is now seeking to expand abroad : Morning Bear (in a seven track version) will be released in Holland, and the CD was also released on the market in Japan.


In 1999 the group came out, after a long period of deliberation, with the album "Seafood" (another "fishy" word-game). The album was preceded by the single "Star", which got a lot of attention through the accompanying video, in which the two female singer basically slaughter a Japanese sushi-lady. The music on the album still contained short & catchy pop-rock tunes, although the lyrics were a little more naughty than on the first album. The album was also produced by Paul Despiegelaere and contained one cover, the second single from the album, Mudgirls "Party Girl".

Roos van Acker also got involved in activities as a VJ for the Dutch-speaking TV-clipstation TMF and presenter on Studio Brussel. In October 2000, she announced she left the band, citing "lack of time" and some differences of opinion about the direction the band was heading in. It is unclear if she will make some music on her own, although she acknowledged she wanted to "do something" with triphop or drum'n'bass. The other members of the band declared they will continue with Eden. They'll audition a new singer and continue working on a third CD.

GroepsLeden :
- Roos Van Acker - vocals ('til October 2000)
- Sofie Buyck - vocals
- Tyl Dekeyser - guitar
- Mario Rombaut - guitar
- Lieven van Hyfte - bass
- Philip Madou - drums

Albums :
- My Boat (EMI/Parlophone, 1997)
- Morning Bear (Parlophone, 1997)
- Seafood (EMI, 1999)

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