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Belgian "punk" band of the early 1980's. Sharp, witty lyrics. Sharp witty graphics. Sharp, witty sound.


"Pick it up"
64,5 sec. - 126 Kb.
song : Vanroelen / Debrakeleer.
Prod: Paul Govaerts Jr.
Year : 1980
Record co. : Backdoor

"Do the standing still"
46,1 sec. - 90 Kb.
song : Kloot Per W.
Produced : Sylvain Vanholme
Year : 1981
Record co. : Backdoor

49,7 sec. - 103 Kb.
song : Vanroelen, Debraeckeleer.
Year : 1981
Produced : Jean Blaute
Record co. : Backdoor

From "Radio Debris"

50,5 sec - 99 Kb.

"Fire Brigade"
1 min. 10 sec. - 139 Kb.

songs : Vanroelen, Perwez, Jo Moens, Debraeckeleer, Theys
production : Kloot Per W
year : 1993
Record co : HKM


The group was formed in 1979 with Geert Vanroelen (brother of Jan Vanroelen, who is known as David Salomon in the band Arbeid Adelt!), Kloot Per W (formerly with The Misters), Karel Theys, Jo Moens & Dirk Debraekeleer.

Their range of styles varied from ska to punk to pop music. Their debut single "Pick it up", immediately became an underground hit (over 5,000 copies, which was a lot those days) and led them to the final of the Rock Rally edition 1980. In Wit-Lof from Belgium, the song was described as being "ska at the speed of sound". The Offspring, a renound American punk band in the nineties, would later incorportate a lot of ideas from "Pick it up" into their song "Don't Pick it up" on the cd "Ixnay on the Hombre", but it didn't came to a lawsuit.


After this initial success, they performed a lot of live gigs, or, as it is narrated in "Wit-lof from Belgium" : "Organized chaos is a better description".
As their cynical frontman Geert Vanroelen said : "our songs and visual acts are comments on aspects of living in a society we gladly fail to understand".

After a second single "Do the standing still" (again with cover art by Hergé-adept Ever Meulen) and a complete album the disorganization of the group took its toll and the group was disbanded in 1983.


In 1993, the group had a reunion (although the lineup had changed since a decade earlier : Michel Decoster (of de Mens) now was on bass). Together, they recorded a full cd called "Radio Debris". From the record also two singles ware taken : "Rock'n Roll" and "Fire Brigade" (although I think both songs were bad choices : the best track on the album is the much happier sounding track "Diane").

Best known member of the Employees is Kloot Per W. Before the Employees, he was already part of The Misters. Since then, he also took part in numerous bands e.g. Polyphonic Size, de Lama's (remember "de ideal penis"), de Kreuners .... He also has produced many a record and has his own radio show ("Metallopolis") on the prime Flemish rock station (Studio Brussel).

Karel Theys (bass-player) would later take part in Clouseau, and was also at the base of de Lama's in 1994/1995.

Band members:
- Geert Vanroelen (vocals)
- Luk Vandebon Kloot Per W (guitar)
- Karel Theys / Michel Decoster (bass)
- Dirk Debraekeleer (guitar)
- Danny Verwichte / Jo Moens (drums)

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Platen en CD's:
- Employees (Philips, 1982)
- Radio Debris (HKM, 1993)
Singles en 12''
- Pick it up / Tooth paste (Mercury, 1980)
- Do the standing still / Brussels is love (Back door, 1981)
- Romantic / A cure (Back Door, 1982)
- Play with fire / Rich and famous (Antler, 1983)
- Fire Brigade (HKM, 1993)
- Rock 'n Roll (HKM, 1993)

Websites :
- Employees-story gets also told on the website of Kloot Per W.

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- Add your message, question, cd- or concertreview ... about The Employees


The Employees

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