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Brussels-based group with an African singer who made a very strong debut with their exciting album "Système D" in 1992. With the joyful song "Tout bouge" (everything moves), they were the authors of a surprising yet justified summer-hit in the same year.

  "Tout bouge"
31,7 sec. - 62 Kb.
song : Mazimpaka, Vanbinst.
Year : 1992
Producer : Jean-Marie Aerts
Record co. : BMG-Ariola

The group was founded by Lack, ex-Strings and predecessor of Willy Willy in The Scabs. In Zaventem he met the - then 16-year old - Vévé Mazimpaka ("Shake" for her friends). Together with this irresistible "Belgo-Zaïroise" (mother from Vilvoorde, dad from Bukavu) he started to work on some songs. Lack : "After a while Shake and I noticed we were doing something kinda special. Those African rhythms mixed in with Rock'n'roll definitively had something. I played the tapes for my friend Bruno, and he introduced us to Julien. He has lived half his life in Congo, black people have learned him to drum. We clicked it together and suddenly we had a real group under our hands." Bruno Melon, who was mentioned here, made his debut with the same Strings, and played with Red Zebra and The Wolfbanes before joining la Fille d'Ernest.


Humo describes their music as "a busy mixture of catchy African rhythms and stressed Western guitars : Talking heads with a view on the Savanna.".
The title of the album "Système D", yet another production of Jean-Marie Aerts, is a reference to the African habit of "se débrouiller", be resourceful under even the worst circumstances.

Yet after this excellent debut-CD and the summer filled with nice gigs at the festivals (main stage of Marktrock ...), I've never heard of the group since.

Albums :
- Système D ( BMG-Ariola - 1992)

GroepsLeden :
- Vévé Mazimpaka (vocals)
- Lack (guitar)
- Julien Colpaert (drums)
- Jurgen Surinx.(bass)
- Bruno Melon (guitar)

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Fille d'Ernest

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