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Controversial band who scored a few hits in 1994-1995.


"Blijf binnen"
47,6 sec. - 96 Kb.
song : Delfosse, Slabbynck, Meulders, Per W, Decaesstecker, De Cort
Producer : Kloot Per W
Year : 1993
Record co : Donor

"De ideale penis"
1 min 15 sec. - 147 Kb.
song : Theys, Delfosse, Slabbynck, Meulders, Per W, Decaesstecker, De Cort
producer : Per W, Serge Feys
Year : 1994
Record co : Donor

"Elke centimeter"
1 min. 3 sec. - 124 Kb.
song : De Cort, Decaesstecker, Slabbynck, Per W
Producer : Per W, Serge Feys
Year : 1994
Record co : Yellow Yellow

1 min 6 sec. - 129 Kb.
Song : De Cort, Slabbynck, Meulders, Per W
producer : Per W, Serge Feys
Year : 1995
Record co.: Yellow Yellow


The group was formed in 1993, with Peter Slabbynck (ex-Red Zebra, ex-The Boy Wonders), Kloot Per W (ex-Employees, ex-Polyphonic Size and always Kloot Per W ...), Karel Theys (ex-Employees, ex-Clouseau) and Steven De Cort (ex-Mama's Jasje). Later on Joris Decaesstecker replaced Karel Theys, and Mies Meulders joined as Lolita Lama.


After a first EP in 1993 (Blijf Binnen, Laatste Woorden, Grootste Fan) the group made a breakthrough with the song "De Ideale Penis" (the ideal penis). This song became a huge radio-hit, due to the controversial lyrics ("Sometimes, he did let his head drop, he felt a little limp - Sometimes he had no desire, he had no juice - the ideal penis - it doesn't exist - too thick, too small, too short, too long, too green, too purple - it all matters so much") and the attention on Studio Brussels in the program Hallo Hautekiet. Normally, the single would also have entered the Flemish Top 10, but according to Kloot Per W, "for censorship reasons none our songs featured in the list, or where shown in 'Tien om te zien'."
After a third single "Elke centimeter" (every square inch), which enjoyed even more airplay and higher sales, they released a full album in February 1995. "Edele Delen" (Private Parts), with a cat's ass on the cover, received devastating reviews by the critics : the late Jacky Huys wrote "What the heck are we to do with the ordinary, puberastic, badly played and recorded metal of The Lama's ? It's pathetic" and Humo wrote "Is this record controversial, daring or provocative ? Absolutely ! Even we wouldn't dare to walk on the street with this."
The first track of the record contains a warning by famous Flemish writer Tom Lanoye "Attention, this cd contains words like pussy, penis, uterus and Eric Melaerts" (for an explanation of that last word see Soulsister, Yasmine, Isabelle A etc...) . All the singles are on it, and two surprising translations of the punk classics "I wanna be your dog" by Iggy Pop & The Stooges (here "Hond") and "12XU" by Wire (here "wat de neuk"). The lyrics talk of murder, insanity, sadomasochism and masturbation. The music ranges from metal and crossover to punk.


At the end of 1995, the story of the Lama's was already over. As Kloot Per W explained "The Lama's have fallen apart. Not because of a lack of success, but because it had too much success and all the guys in the band had so many other activities. We had a record deal to record another two albums and a live-cd, but that isn't going to happen anymore. Peter Slabbynck has gone back to Red Zebra, but in fact I've kicked him out of the group : you can't jump from one horse to the next one at a time that the group was beginning to fair very well. Don't forget we had very little support from the media, but were appreciated all the more by the public. And they of course can never be wrong. In fact it would take much too long to explain what caused the split because of the many intrigues"

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment of de Lama's is that it brought Mies Meulders to the spotlight. Nineteen at the time of the Lama success, she was picked up by Studio Brussels (Metalopolis, Keineig). After the split of the Lama's, she has played with the hardcoregroup Crumb and can be heard on the single "Vel tegen vel" of The Boerenzonen op Speed. She is now trying to establish a career as an actress.

Band members :
- Peter Slabbynck (vocals)
- Lolita Lama AKA Mies Meulders (vocals)
- Kloot per W (guitar, hair, samples, programming)
- H. Joris Decaesstecker / Karel Theys (bass)
- Steven De Cort (drums)

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Albums :
- Edele Delen (Yellow Yellow, 1994)
Singles & Maxi's
- Blijf Binnen (Donor, 1993)
- De Ideale Penis (Donor, 1994)
- De Penismixen (Yellow Yellow, 1994)
- Elke centimeter (Yellow Yellow, 1994)
- Breinstorm (Yellow Yellow, 1995)

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de Lama's

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