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Literary rock.


"Maria Wil Dansen"
67 sec. - 132 Kb.

"Ten Dans"
60 sec. - 118 Kb.

song : Peeters/Corbeels
Produced : de Legende
Year : 1992
Record co. : Donor

"Jeugd moet branden"
47 sec. - 93 Kb.

63 sec. - 126 Kb.

"Het oor / Het oog van
Sören Kierkegaard
64 sec. - 124 Kb.

song : Peeters/Corbeels
Produced : Geert Waegeman
Year : 1997
Record co. : De Schaar


The band "de Legende" came about after Elvis Peeters & Fred Angst (who were the nucleus of Dutch-singing punk-band Aroma di Amore) finished their band/show "Peeters & Angst" in 1992. Peeters found a new musical compagnon in Geert Corbeels (ex Men 2nd - strangely enough the other half of that duo, Luc Gulinck, would later team up with Fred Angst in Kolk, effectively making this a swap-operation).

The ambitions of "de Legende" don't seem to differ much from the things that Elvis Peeters did before : intelligent and outspoken lyrics about death and love, set to rather wild music.


De Legende kicked off on a high note : the mini-cd "Ten Dans" (Let's dance) immediately gave birth to two sort of a radio-hits : "Maria wil dansen" (A song that imho comes close to the best songlyrics in Dutch ever : Maria wil dansen, ze wil de parels van haar lichaam verstrooien, ze wil zich met jaloerse blikken tooien, Maria wil dansen, niet langer hier zijn, nog enkel sierlijk spier zijn, soepel als een hoepel om haar eigen heupen. De muziek pompt, haar lichaal gromt, ritme verhit me, ritme verhit me - Maria want to dance, she wants to scatter the pearls of her body, she wants to adorn herself with jealous looks. Maria wants to dance, no longer be here, be only graceful muscle, flexible like hoop around her own hips. The music pumps, her body grunts, rhythm hit me, rhythm heat me up") en "Ten Dans" (Je spant je buik als een zachte trom, ik speel piano op je wervelkolom, in onze liefde zit muziek, de diepste tonen van de romantiek. O, we spelen ten dans, en vormen het orkest an de laatste kans - You tighten you belly like a soft drum, I play piano on your vertebral column, In our love there is some music, the deepest tones of romance. O, our music invites to dance, we're the orchestra of the last chance).


After a mini-cd "Gouden Tanden" in 1993, it took "De Legende" until 1997 to return, with "een oor is een oor" (an ear is an ear) with Geert Waegeman (multi-instrumentalist of Cro Magnon etc ...), another album that had wonderful lyrics, but failed to make a big impression on the music scene.
Elvis Peeters was lucid enough to know the reason : "I'm a cult figure : in the cultural circles they know me, and those interested in my work know where to find me. And actually that's enough for me : I don't want to be known by the general public. I would like it if people knew that there is a new cd of De Legende, and I would appreciate it if the radio would play a track from it now and then, but at the same time, I'm realistic enough to wonder : what station can play this, what format does this fit in ?".

In the last years, Elvis Peeters has begun concentrating more and more on his other career, that of writer and playwright, although he explores the same themes in that as he did in the music of Aroma di Amore and De Legende : love, and death.

Band members :
- Elvis Peeters (zang)
- Geert Corbeels (piano, toetsen, backing vocals)

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Albums :
- Ten Dans (Donor, 1992)
- Gouden Tanden (Donor, 1993)
- Een Oor is een Oor (De Schaar, 1997)

Websites :
- De Legende at Elvis Peeters' website



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