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Perfect french bubble-gum pop by a vivid young girl.


"Amoureux Solitaires"
39,2 sec. - 77 Kb.
song : Elli Medeiros, Jacno
Produced : Jacno
Year : 1980
Record co. : Ariola

"Le banana split"
58,0 sec. - 114 Kb.
song : J. Alanski, H. Dierks
Produced : Marc Moulin
Year : 1980
Record co. : Ariola

"Amicalement vôtre"
45,0 sec. - 88 Kb.
song : J.Alanski, H. Dierks
Produced by : Marc Moulin
Year : 1981
Record co. : Ariola

Instant child-star (of Portuguese descent - Wanda de Vasconcelos is her real name) in the early eighties. Her biggest hit ever is the refreshingly innocent at the same time tragic single "Amoureux solitaires" (lonely lovers). The text is by Elli Medeiros (very well known in France with hits like "Vamos a bailar") and the music by Jacno.

I still find the lyrics to this song beautiful :

Eh toi, dis moi que tu m'aimes (Hey you, tell me that you love me)
même si c'est un mensonge (even if that's a lie)
et qu'on n'a pas une chance (and we don't stand a chance)
la vie est si triste, dis moi que tu m'aimes (life's so sad, tell me ..)
tous les jours sont les mêmes (all days are so alike)
J'ai besoin de romance (I need some romance)
un peu de beauté plastique (a little bit of plastic beauty)
pour effacer nos cernes (to remove the bags under our eyes)
de plaisir chimique (a little bit of chemical joy)
pour nos cerveaux trop ternes (for our dull brains)
que nos vies aient l'air d'un film parfait
(may our lives resemble a perfect film).
oublions tout, nous mêmes (let's forget it all, ourselves)
ce que nous sommes vraiment (forget what we really are)
amoureux solitaires dans une ville morte
(lonely lovers in a dead city)
amoureux imaginaires, après tout qu'importe
(fantasy lovers, after all what does it matter)
la la la la la la la.

This single which made it to number 10 in the Belgian charts, lifted her to great popularity in France. A popularity which over there has never decreased since. She got noted here by a few other early and lightweight singles like "Banana Split" & "Amicalement vôtre" (produced by Marc Moulin, of the electropop-pioneers Telex), but has been lost out of sight a bit here in Belgium.

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Albums :
- Lio (Ariola - 1980)
- Popmodel (Polydor - 1986)
- Can Can (Polydor - 1989)
- Des fleurs pour un caméléon (Polydor - 1991)

Websites :
- Univers Lio is her French website, focusing on the here and now of her career.

Forum :
- Read the messages/questions about Lio
- Add your message, question, cd- or concertreview ... about Lio




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