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Highly intelligent and funny performer.


62,5 sec. - 122 Kb.
song: Hugo Mathysen
Produced : Jean Blaute.
Year : 1990
Record co. : RCA

"Ik ga naar huis"
56,7 sec. - 111 Kb.
song: Hugo Mathysen
Produced : Jean Blaute.
Year : 1990
Record co. : RCA

56,8 sec. - 111 Kb.
song: Hugo Matthysen
Produced : Jean Blaute.
Year : 1993
Record co. : BMG-Ariola


Hugo Matthijsen is a true "multi-media"-figure. He has done radio-shows, television, he publishes an absurdist column in Humo, has written a few books. He even has a university degree in Philosophy under his belt. And he makes music.


Hugo Mathysen is the life-long companion and sidekick to Bart Peeters, with whom he made the legendary radio show "Het Leugenpaleis" (the palace of lies). They also cooperated in the 1986 one-hit-wonder the Yéh-Yéhs. His strange and dry humour are also a main ingredient in his music.

His debut album "dankuwel!" (thank you!) was an instant success, powered by the ironic ode to Blankenberge and the song "Jungleboys". The successors build on the same themes. Or as Humo wrote it at the time of the release of "Dag Allemaal!" (Hi everybody) : "On his new cd, Hugo Matthysen shows us another few square metres of his remarkable fantasy life. The normal order of things is reversed and the common sense is put in the freezer for a while. (...) On Dag Allemaal! Hugo's songs have been given the black edge for which they were longing, the Bomen (his backing group) have gotten balls and we have gotten value for our money".


Hugo Mathysen also is one of the main supplier of lyrics for the internationally acclaimed theater/music group De Nieuwe Snaar.

His biggest success on the music scene came with a spinoff off the radio show "Het Leugenpaleis". Loud-mouth and "rock-expert" Clemens Peerens gets his own band (with Bart Peeters and one of his Radios). A song from the second album "Foor Wijf" even stirs up a riot for its supposedly offensive language.

Members (Hugo Mathysen & De Bomen):
- Hugo Mathysen (vocals, guitar)
- Walter Mets, Stoy Stoffelen ... (drums)
- Evert Verhees, Marc Kruithof ... (bass)
- Jean Blaute (keyboards)

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Albums(Hugo Matthysen & de Bomen):
- Dankuwel (RCA - 1991)
- Red onze planeet (RCA - 1992)
- Dag allemaal (Ariola - 1993)
- ... (1996)

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Albums (Clemens Peerens Explosition)
- Den dikke Lu (Double T - 1994)
- Foor wijf (Double T - 1994)
- Vinde gij mijn gat niet te dik in deze rock (Double T - 1999)

Websites :
- peulengaleis dot com.
- The Clement Peerens Explosition

Forum :
- Read the messages/questions about Hugo Matthysen
- Add your message, question, cd- or concertreview ... about Hugo Matthysen


Hugo Matthysen


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