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Claude Maurane won the "Prix de la meilleure chanson" at the Festival in Spa and first headed towards a career in Jazz. Together with jazz-musicians Steve Houben and Charles Loos she recorded an experimental jazz-album in 1985 (HLM) that had the connoisseurs say "aah". Maurane herself was not entirely happy : "I was so busy trying to make the words sound right, I had no time to think if they also had a meaning. I then realized people, and I myself too, prefer to hear real songs, to hear a story. From that moment on, I began working in that direction".


55,1 sec. - 108 Kb.
song : E. Verhees, Maurane
Produced : E. Verhees
Year : 1986
Record co. : Saravah


After 4 singles between 1980 and 1985 under different names which did not do much, she then debuted her career "officially" with "Danser", the album of 1986. The song "danser" became an instant hit. As it is said in "Wit-lof from Belgium" : "the titlesong, "T'as pas la pêche", "Elle attend" : piece by piece these are pearls, inventively arranged by pianoplayer Arnould Massart and bass-player Evert Verhees. The songs are sung with a lot of soul and a "joy-de-vivre" that catches on you".


She also develops an impressive stage-personality. The second album ("Maurane" in 1991) makes her even more popular in France. Of all her next records, at least 500.000 copies will be sold over there. Switzerland, Canada and the South of Belgium are also convinced. She's a natural talent. She also scores a number of hits written by songwriters such as Jean-Claude Vannier, Daria de Martynoff, Evert Verhees, Arnould Massart, Philippe Lafontaine, Elisabeth Anaïs and Peter Lorne, varying from swing, blues & tropical rhythms or funk to "variété". Some of the best-known songs include "Les uns contre les autres" (of Michel Berger & Luc Plamondon), "ça casse" (written by Peter Lorne), "Toutes les mamas" (written with Evert Verhees)", "Tout pour un seul homme" and the touching "Sur un prélude de Bach" (written by Jean-Claude Vannier).

While other performers are known for their extravagant lifestyles, Maurane is most often portrayed as the adoring mother. She sings songs about her children of their life on almost all her albums.

Of "différente" (1996) she says it is her most personal album. She also becomes more and more involved with the creation. She wrote the lyrics to five songs and composed the music to three. With her album "Toi du monde" of 2000, she continued even further in that direction, as she also co-produced the album. In an interview she said : "J’aime beaucoup l’idée d’avancer en âge, de vieillir. J’ai le sentiment de mieux respirer, d’avoir plus d’espace. ... je sais que je ne dois plus me laisser trop influencer par n’importe qui. Je veux faire des choses que je ressens profondément, c’est pour cela que je me suis passionnée pour le travail en studio. Avant, pour moi le travail en studio consistait à mettre des chansons en boîte et pour cela, je me reposais sur l’inspiration des autres. Je préférais mille fois les créer sur scènes. Pour la première fois, j’ai pris goût à cette aventure qu’est le studio au point d’avoir co-réalisé mon album." (I really like the idea of ageing, becoming older. I have the impression I can breathe better, that I have more room ... I know now that I don't have to let me be influenced by each and everyone. I want to do thing that I feel passionately, and that's why I've become interested in the studio work. Earlier the work in the studio was for me to put a song on tape and for that I leant on the inspiration of others. I was a thousand times more interested in creating them on stage. Now, for the first time I got the taste for the adventure that is the studio, even to the point of co-producing the album myself).

As it is said by a Canadian enthusiast : "Maurane's voice is among the loveliest to heard in the French speaking world. Her music is modern but easy on the ears." Or let the French themselves speak : "Lorsque Maurane chante, sa voix traverse les océans comme une invitation sussurée par une des sirènes d'Homère. On y répond avec abandon, l'âme accrochée aux subtiles variations, aux mille vibrations modulées par l'enchanteresse." (When Maurane sings, her voice travels the oceans like an invitation by the sirens of Homer. One can't help giving in, the soul attached to subtle variations, thousands of modulated vibrations of the enchantress".

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Albums :
- Danser (Saravah, 1986)
- Maurane (Polydor, 1989)
- Ami ou ennemi (Polydor, 1991)
- Une fille très scène (Double LiveCD, Polydor, 1994)
- Différente (Polydor, 1995)
- L'un Pour L'autre (Best of, Polydor, 1998)
- Maurane à l'Olympia (Live, Polydor, 1999)
- Toi du monde (Polydor, 2000)

Websites :
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- Chorus les cahiers de la chanson, dedicated to Maurane
- some info about Maurane can be found at francevision

Forum :
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