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Mitsoobishy Jacson is the hobby project of a few singers from other Belgian bands, in this case : Peter Houben (of Nemo), Mauro Pawlowski (of Evil Superstars), afterwards also joined by Pascal Deweze (of Metal Molly, Chitlin' Fooks) and recently also of Guy Van Nueten (The Sands).


"Sun of Aerobics"
60,6 sec. - 119 Kb.

uit "Nougat in Koblenz" (1996)

"Sweat Indoors"
55,4 sec. - 109 Kb.

"Geoffrey Hears Voices"
1 min 6 sec. - 130 Kb.

53,3 sec. - 105 Kb.

"Gleep 25"
1 min 2 sec. - 123 Kb.

songs : Houben / Pawlowski
Producer : Frans Hagenaars & MJ
Year : 1996
Record co. : Brinkman

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The project got known in June 1996, when suddenly out of the blue and without prior notice the CD "Nougat in Koblenz" was released onto the unsuspecting masses. Turns out that Peter Houben & Mauro Pawlowski had spent five afternoons in January/February of the same year in the Galaxy Studio's in Mol, in the presence of Dutch producers Frans Hagenaars (Bettie Serveert, Metal Molly ...) The result was a nonchalant and minimal yet funny and interesting exercise that turned out to be the best in a wave of "Lo-fi" albums that Belgium has produced.


As mvs wrote in Humo at the time : "Pawlowski & Houben have re-convinced us of the use of half-improvised, in a relaxed anything-goes atmosphere, in one-and-a-half-take recorded music ... The combination of Houbens whining voice and home-and-garden sarcasm with the backfiring musical genius of Mauro works perfectly together".

The pictures (Mauro & Herman in dressing gown & underpants), the songtitles (examples, track 1 : "Intro : Open Cousin Ewald Up" of "Jazz-rock Endurance #2") and the lyrics are on the funny side of things (eg. the organs of a donor belong to the community - the organs of a donor live on eternally - the organs of a donor are common property - the organs of a donor give me immunity. The act of transplantation, invites new contemplation, or "I've seen your darkness, and it shines" from the single "Sun of Aerobics"). In the studio it apparently also was a ball, as is testified by the liner-notes : "About food : no one knows what Mauro eats for breakfast but during the day he was seen, on a number of occasions, chewing slices of brown bread with ridiculous amounts of mustard on them & Peter was always drinking coffee with no milk & eating fruit while smoking. Evening = ordering Italian foods to be brought into the studio to become cold to be eaten behind the mixing desk; the smell & the mess we (3 people!) produced was impressive."


In 1997, after the split of Evil Superstars, it became clear that Mitsoobishy Jackson wasn't gonna remain a one-time curiosum. Mauro declared "A CD-release is imminent, we've recorded more than 20 songs. Guy Van Nueten of The Sands has also been working with us. It will probably be released in April. We already have a working title : somebody made the suggestion "Boys Together Outrageously". It's not absolutely certain yet, but for me that's a yes."

Groepsleden ("Drums & bass & g-tars & synthesizers & electronics & voices") :
- Peter Houben
- Mauro Pawlowski
- Pascal Deweze
- Guy Van Nueten

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Albums :
- Nougat in Koblenz (Brinkman, 1996)
- Boys Together Out Rageously (Heaven Hotel, 1999)
EP's / singles ...
- Sun Of Aerobics (Brinkman, 1996)

Websites :
- Review of "Boys Together Outrageously"
- lyrics, photo's and more on a Mitsoobishy Jacson fansite.
- lyrics to "Nougat in Koblenz"
- News in Belang van Limburg (Flemish newspaper)

Forum :
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Mitsoobishy Jacson

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