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For good order : this is not the group "Scooter" that scored a hit in 1998 with an adaptation of Dutch group Bots "Wat zullen we drinken" as "How much is the fish" (vroom vroom boenke boenke).


40,4 sec. - 79 Kb.
song :v.d.Heuvel, Duchateau, Fraeymans
Produced : Scooter
Year : 1981
Record co. : Ariola

"Minute by minute"
40,6 sec. - 80 Kb.
song :Verheyen, v.d.Heuvel
Produced : H. Duchateau
Year :1983
Record co. : BMC


This earlier version of Scooter started in 1979 with five musicians from the Antwerp Rockscene as "Scooter on the road".


Two years later, they release their first singles "Tattoo Turkey" and "Peppermint Girl", filled of funky pop with an American sound. A bit later, Bert de Corte of the Misters joins the gang.

Shortly after the release of their debut album, guitar-player Jan Fraeyman dies, but the group continues and makes a breakthrough to the general public with "You (don't want to be number one)". They win "Zomerhit 1981", a yearly contest by the national radio.

The record "One by One" was produced by the drummer of the band Herwig Duchateau, who later on developed a career as a producer for a lot of Belgian groups (such as The Bet, The Schmutz, A Noh Rodeo, Won Ton Ton, The Machines ...).


When keyboards-player Pip Verlinde leaves the group in 1982, the group evolves into a more laid-back American west-coast sound (listen to "Minute by minute") in the style of Hall & Oates and Co. 

Although the second and third album "Charm" and "Oblivion" had their merits, they didn't produce the hits everybody was expecting.

Members :
- Piet van den Heuvel (vocals)
- Jan Fraeyman / Jan Verheyen (guitar)
- Pit Verlinde (keyboards)
- Herwig Duchateau (drums)
- Bert Decorte

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Records :
- One by One (LP, Ariola - 1981)
- Charm (LP, Ariola, 1982)
- Oblivion (LP, Ariola, 1983)
- Scooter Master Serie (compilation on CD, Polydor, 1997)

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