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Adventurous Belgian rock-band formed by the Dewaele-brothers, who rose to the scene with music in the tradition of Soundgarden, the Black Crowes and Pearl Jam, later throwing in lots of Prince, Beck, and corny 80's kitsch into their mix.


From "Leave the Story Untold"

"Kill your darlings"
60,9 sec. - 120 Kb.

61,0 sec. - 120 Kb.
songs : Soulwax
Producer :Chris Goss.
Year : 1996
Record co. : Play it again Sam

From "Much Against Everyone's Advice"

"My Cruel Joke"
55,4 sec. - 109 Kb.

"Conversation Intercom"
60,4 sec. - 127 Kb.

56 sec. - 111 Kb.

"Too Many DJ's"
59,4 sec. - 117 Kb.
songs : Soulwax
Produced : David Sardy.
Year : 1998
Record co. : PIAS


The centre of the band is formed by Stephen and David Dewaele, sons of one of the first Belgian sixties radio-Dee-Jays Zaki. Stephen on this : "We grew up among thousands of records. Between the bio's, the sleeves and the merchandising. When we were at the age of getting interested in music, we discovered amazing things in our attic : the first Jimi Hendrix singles. The Beatles. My father was the first to receive things from Apple and EMI. The Small Faces have slept in our house. Stan Getz came to visit. Amazing." - Quotes are from a 1996 interview of the band with the Belgian newspaper "Het Nieuwsblad". Stephen Dewaele was also one of the makers of the short-lived rock-program on Kanaal 2 "Rock Rapport".

In 1995, they made their debut with an E.P. called "2nd Handsome Blues", after a remarked participation in the talent search Debuutrock.


For their debut album "Leave the Story Untold", the group wanted to work with producer Chris Goss (of Masters of Reality, Kyuss ...), so the recordings took place in California ("Not the coke, babes and party-people L.A., but very low-budget. Chris Goss has worked under his normal price. Less than the average Belgian producer. He really wanted to do it, because he really liked our music." The result was something to be proud of.
As Humo wrote at the time "It was rumored for some time now that the sons of Zaki were playing in a band, and it was added "a good band too". Just how good they are, can now be discovered on their debut CD "Leave the Story Untold". ... David Dewaele has a razor-sharp guitar, the rhythm section thunders and the singer tears the lyrics from his lungs. Sire, this is youthful violence, restlessness of the heart lead into melodic paths, wild and angry noise, yes indeed : rock'n'roll." Jacky Huys was less impressed : "It's a mystery to us why Soulwax - very retro, by the way - insist on playing like the Black Crowes".
Anyhow, "Kill your darlings" and "Caramel" became big radio hits consequently.

In 1998, they had the honor of being able to do a cooperation with Einstürzende Neubauten for their "Ende Neu" project. They remixed a version of the whispering song "Stella Maris". David also did a numbe of productions for singles of another band based in Ghent Das Pop.


In 1998 also, they re-went into the studio in Los Angeles to record their second album "Much Against Everyone's Advice". The producer on this one was Dave Sardy (of Barkmarket), who also has just produced another Belgian band : Evil Superstars. Prior to the release of the album, a single "My cruel joke" was released in June, with a large part of the vocals on the song performed by the American singer Traci Bonham.
"Much Against Everyone's Advice" demonstrated that Soulwax had definitely grown in stature, with plenty of new influences thrown in there still heavy mix of music (strings, beats and loops, think Prince, think Beck) and with a much greater variety between the tracks. Best track was probably the overwhelming "Too Many Deejay's" with the legendary line "If only I could sell myself the way that even I would buy" and a video featuring the biggest losers as DJ's (quite an ironic statement, as Stephen & David also have a very active career as DJ's beside their activities in Soulwax, as the "Flying Dewaele Brothers" or sometimes "Fucking Dewaele Brothers").
This album - totally in style with faux-45rpm/singles covers for all the tracks in the booklet and sleeve - caused a big breakthrough of the band in Belgium and the Netherlands, and then provided some momentum for the band even further abroad. In 2000 they played a lot of the big European festivals (Glastonbury, Werchter, Rock am Ring ...), as their playful yet powerful podium act convinced people all over Europe.

In March 2000, Soulwax did a contribution to the "Glittering 2000" project, on which belgian bands covered songs from the glamrock era, by doing a version of Marc Bolan & T. Rex's "Children of the Revolution". Meanwhile their tour with the show from "Much against everyone's advice" kept on being prolonged and prolonged, while the Dewaele Brothers also kept on playing their DJ-sets and even got their own show on Belgian clip-station TMF (Alter8). Especially the British isles became more and more aware of the quality of the band, convinced by the funny video's (one featuring the gigantic S.O.U.L.W.A.X.-letters going after the band) and declaring - pushed by BBC-Radio1 - Soulwax the hippest thing in town in 2000.

A new and third Soulwax album can be expected by spring 2002.

Band members :
- Stephen Dewaele (vocals, keyboards, percussion)
- David Dewaele (guitars)
- Piet Dierickx / Stephane Misseghers(drums, loops)
- Stefaan/Stef Van Leuven (bass)
- Inge Flipts (keyboards)

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Albums :
- 2nd Handsome Blues (MCD, PIAS, 1995)
- Kill Your Darlings (CDS, 1996)
- Leave The Story Untold (CD, Play it again Sam, 1996)
- Caramel (CDS, 1996)
- Great Continental Suicide Note (CDS, 1996)
- My Cruel Joke (CDS, 1997)
- Much Against Everyone's Advice (CD, PIAS, 1998)
- Much Against Everyone's Advice (CDS, 1998)
- Conversation Intercom (CDS, 1998)
- Saturday (CDS, 1998)
- Soulwaxmas (promo-CDS - cover or "Last Christmas" - 1998)
- Too Many DJ's (CDS, 1999)
- When Logics Die (CDS, 1999)

Websites :
- the completely wacky official Soulwax-site is at
- tour dates and info can also be found at the site of [PIAS]
- Tabs of some Soulwax-songs at
-, an english fan-site
-, site focusing on the extra-soulwax-activities of the Dewaele's
- Kill Your Darlings, comprehensive fan site by Caroline

Forum :
- Read the messages/questions about Soulwax
- Add your message, question, cd- or concertreview ... about Soulwax



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