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Tribute project by the "crème de la crème" of Flemish singers, dedicated to Johan Verminnen. The title of the project "Spelers & Drinkers" (Gamblers and drinkers) comes from a Verminnen song.


Paul Michiels
"Daar gaat ze"
44,8 sec. - 88 Kb.

Bram Vermeulen
"Tussen spelers en drinkers"
73,1 sec. - 143 Kb.

Guy Swinnen :
"Gitaren op krediet"
70,7 sec. - 139 Kb.

Isabelle A
"De hemel vol sterren"
68,5 sec. - 134 Kb.

Frank van der Linden
"Tien jaar"
71,8 sec. - 141 Kb.

Mark VostÚ
"Kom Jeanine"
41,6 sec. - 82 Kb.

Sarah Bettens
"M'n broer en ik"
120 sec. - 233 Kb.

"In de rue des Bouchers"
71,4 sec. - 140 Kb.

Spelers & Drinkers
"Op het bal van de dooie rat"
67,8 sec. - 133 Kb.

Alle songs geschreven door  Johan Verminnen, behalve
- "M'n broer en ik", (Bert Verm en Johan Verminnen)
- "In de rue des bouchers" (Johan Verminnen & Jan De Baets)
- "Op het bal" (Bert Verm, Raymond v/h Groenewoud)


The idea for this project was brought up by Jari Demeulemeester, the director of the Ancienne Belgique - one of the main concert halls in Belgium, for his project "Boterhammen in het park" (sandwiches in the park), a very successful series of summer concerts in the main park of Brussels.

spelers.jpg (4655 bytes)  

His motivation : "That young people don't have a collection of songs in their own language close at hand, sounds unthinkable right now. Yet that's how it was 25 years ago, and that's how Johan Verminnen has started his career, his daily struggle for good Flemish songs, contemporary lyrics on joyous and universal music. After 20 albums suddenly there were hundreds of songs and we at the AB wondered if this repertoire would still sound fresh today. That's how this project has started."

The musical direction of the project was done by Jan Hautekiet, the popular radio-presenter of Studio Brussels and talented piano-player (see Riguelle & Hautekiet). He found a number of colleagues prepared to perform live and later show up in the studio to pay tribute to the "Godfather of Flemish songs".

On the album, which was recorded in may 1995 in the Galaxy Studios in Mol, the impressive line-up includes :
1. Guy Swinnen, who emerged on stage for the first time since the split of his band the Scabs.
2. Paul Michiels (formerly of Soulsister, now with a solo career)
3. Isabelle A (popular flemish singer)
4. Robert Mosuse (see the Radios) sings "Met zeven aan tafel"
5. Bram Vermeulen (Dutch singer, formerly in a duo with Freek de Jonge in Neerlands Hoop, later on with a beautiful solo career) who performs the title song "Tussen spelers en drinkers"
6. Frank van der Linden  (De Mens)
7. Mark VostÚ ( of Belgian Asociality) who surprised many with a cover of "Kom Jeanine"
8. Jan Leyers (of Leyers, Michiels & Soulsister) who sang "Een of andere dag"
9. Sarah Bettens (of K's Choice) who dit a wonderful adaptation of the song "M'n broer en ik" (My brother and I), a song which has a highly emotional background for Johan Verminnen, since it was written together with his brother Bert Verm(innen), who died in 1984.
10.Roland who performed Verminnens best known song "In de Rue des bouchers"
11.Stijn Meuris (of Noordkaap) sang  Tussen Brussel en Oostende
12.Rick De Leeuw (singer of the Dutch Band Tr÷ckener Kecks) did a cover of  "Bar Tropical"
13.Koen Wauters (singer of Clouseau) did a good cover of   "Laat me nu toch niet alleen", Verminnens biggest hit.

The band that backed these singers consisted of :
- Lars Van Bambost (of Noordkaap) - Guitar
- Frank Vander linden (of De Mens)- guitar, vocals, xylophone
- Jan Hautekiet - piano, wurlitzer, hammond
- Vincent Pierins (Rvhg e.a.)- bass
- CÚsar Janssens (of The Kids)- drums

Johan Verminnen felt a bit embarrassed by the project in the beginning, but later admitted that : "Jan Hautekiet has directed these wonderful colleagues in a faultless and headstrong manner. Together they gave new power to the songs that have made up my life and came (rock &) rolling from your radio's. It gives me a lot of pleasure that time hasn't gotten hold on these songs and that "een nieuwe fanfare van honger en dorst" with new gamblers and drinkers successfully takes to the stage with them. What can I say, I am moved and thankful".

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Albums :
- Spelers & Drinkers - (Jean Kluger - EMI - 1995)

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Spelers & Drinkers

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