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(les tueurs de la lune de miel)

Brussels-based inventive French-speaking synth-pop group.


"Route Nationale 7"
39,5 sec. - 78 Kb.
song : Charles Trenet
Year : 1981
Record co.: Crammed discs

"Histoire à suivre"
37,7 sec. - 74 Kb.
song : Yvon Vromman
Year : 1981
Record co.: Crammed discs


The Honeymoon Killers initially is a group formed in 1977 around Yvon Vromman whose music style is "a massacre on all musicals genres". It is a chaotic, aggressive, funny band, with a lineup that changes almost every week.


In 1980, the group joins forces with "Aqsak maboul". This is run by Marc Hollander, who is in charge of the independent record company Crammed Disks in Brussels. Aqsak Maboul, only one of his thousand projects, is a very experimental group with Fred Frith an Chris Cutler.

The result of this merger from the artists bio at Crammed Disks :
"A bit later, they're joined by a female singer (Véronique Vincent), and they record a new album in 81 in Zürich, Brussels and London. The style of the Killers has changed: Yvon Vromman is now described as a cross between Jacques Brel and James White... The album, entitled "Les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel" (the French title of the album being the band's English name, and vice-versa), consists of 7 songs penned by Vromman, and 3 covers of famous French tunes, including Charles Trenet's "Route Nationale 7", which quickly becomes a radio & TV hit single in France and Belgium. But the Honeymoon Killers' impact is even bigger in Germany and in the UK, where the album - although entirely sung in "foreign"- gets rave reviews in the press , and the band is featured on the cover of the NME. The Killers start touring all over Europe. In 1983 America and Japan are becoming very interested in the band, the next album holds many promises, but it's too late: proverbial "musical differences" have appeared , and the band (who have undoubtedly been forerunners in many aspects) split in the beginning of 85, right after their first Japanese tour".

Oor's Pop Music Encyclopedia describes their music as "lively pop that hesitates between the B-52's, Telex and French jokes. They merit the title "Best of Brussels" ".

Yvon Vroman died in 1989.

Band member Marc Hollander is the founder of record company Crammed Disks. This "Arty" label figured artists had an international "stable" with the likes Minimal Compact, Hector Zazou ... Their biggest discovery to date is the group Zap Mama.

Albums :
- Spécial Manubre (Crammed disks - 1979)
- Les tueurs de la lune de miel (Crammed disks - 1982)
- Take it off (B.O.R. - 1989)

Members :
- Marc Hollander
- Yvon Vromman
- Véronique Vincent
- J.F. Jones Jacob
- Gérald Fenerberg
- Vincent Kenis

Websites :
- Some more information can be found at Crammed Disks

Forum :
- Read the messages/questions about The Honeymoon Killers
- Add your message, question, cd- or concertreview ... about The Honeymoon Killers


Honeymoon Killers


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