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Roos van Acker & Philip Madou of EDEN

Their first CD was sold all the way to Japan, their newest video "Star" was refused on MTV since it contained too much blood and one of the frontwomen of the band is a VJ on TMF. In short, Eden has a new CD out, called "Seafood". It is a much "deeper" album than its predecessor "Morning Bear" on the textual level that is, since on the musical side the band keeps with the recepy of nice popsongs. The promotion packet of the newest album that went to the press contained a waterpistol in the form of a fish, the cd itself and two little plastic goldfish to top it off. The location of our interview with Roos Van Acker and Philip Madou is just as strange : a Chinese restaurant. On our arrival neither Roos nor Philip are present. Turns out later that they had lost their way in Brussels. A bit later Roos arrives in a ex-Spice Geri "Look at me" T-shirt. EMI sure knows how to cross-promote their bands, it seems ...

FM: What is your relationship with the sea?

Philip: That's all a coïncidence : both Roos and Sofie had put a lot of wordplays in the lyrics that "Seafood" a perfect title. It's all part of the double meaning you already had on our first album "Morning Bear". And .. there are a lot of fish in the see, and there are a lot of songs on our album.

Roos: You can give a meaning to that Seafood yourself. Same thing with the cover, everybody makes their own story out of it, and that was the purpose. At first sight the lyrics may look a little bit shallow, but if you look a bit closer, there's a lot more there than it seems.

FM: You've really taken your time with this album.

Roos: For the first album the songs were completely finished before we went into the studio, but now we had only drums, bass, guitar and vocals and some synths ready, even though we had been working on the songs for almost a full year. In the end we had 25 songs and then we went a week to Dinant to finish them. With the 12 best tracks we went into the studio for three months. There we kept on working on the songs, by adding samples etcetera.

Philip: We didn't have a tight deadline for the summer festivals. No, we just wanted to deliver an album that was really "ready", whether that was in april or may.

Roos: That right, we had to be 200% satisfied with this album. In September there will be a club-tour and afterwards we'll see, maybe also Marktrock is interested. At the end of the day a lot of concert promotors wait for the full cd the hear how well/bad we've done. (at this point Roos starts coughing vehemently). Sorry for that, but yesterday we have done a photo-shoot for P-magazine dressed in them stupid short minidresses and now I have a supercold.

FM: According to me this cd is not a very "daring" one ... that's no reproach ...

Roos: What do you mean, no reproach ?! (laughs) We didn't want to make an experimental CD as dEUS wanted to make. We're not ready for that yet. We just want to make short pop songs that are really appealing.

Philip: ... and that don't drag on for 5 or 6 minutes. It's just better to have a short and catchy song. But on the other hand, there are a lot of lyrics in there that are really "daring", such as "Goodbye".

Roos: That right, that song is about bi-sexuality where Sofie and I are being seduced by a women. That lyric also shows there'sa lot more behind what we see. Whether that is autobiographical, I'm not gonna tell you (laughs). You know, on "Morning Bear" we just wanted to sing beautifully, now we have really put a lot of emotions into the vocals.

FM: Roos, you have become a VJ for TMF recently. Did you manage to boost your own video there?

Roos: (laughs) Maybe that plays a part, but they really liked the videoclip. That was quite an expensive clip for EMI by the way, but they want to aim internationally with it. At MTV in London they tought that clip contained too much blood, but they are gonna work on that. It's a pity they censor so much at MTV.

Philip: We'll end up being the second Cardigans...

FM: There are not a lot of band that make it all the way to Japan, with the exception of Praga Khan and Dive. Tell me, why the sudden trip to the East?

Roos: It was sort of a test of the record company that didn't know in what direction our sound would evolve. That's why there are quite a number of styles on "Morning Bear". In the end that CD was released in Japan, Scandinavia and even in Yougoslavia. Although there wasn't any real promotion, we managed to sell a few thousand copies there.

Philip: The first CD was kind of an introduction, to make sure that the people would know who and what we are.

Roos: We do aim at selling also our new album over there. We're lucky to be backed very well by our A&R-manager that supports us completely. For this album he even helped us find samples. Did you notice that there's a toy piano in there, and ping pong balls ??

FM: Do you think that there still room enough in Begium for a rock scene?

Roos: We know all too well that rock in Belgium is dying out. It's all dance these days, but if that will last ... But even our CD is quite a bit more electronic than the first one.



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