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Axelle Red had her first succesful single "Kennedy Boulevard"
Noordkaap win the Rock Rally and debut with "Arme Joe"
Perverted By Desire set off on their experimental path
Ugly Papas. Eclectic Dadaïsm & Psychedelic Bluesrock
Ze Noiz said "my baby she's alright, she's sleeping with another guy"
Ashbury Faith releases "She's an alien"
Belgian Asociality release "Astamblief"
Blue Blot released "Bridge to your heart"
Arno & Roland teamed up in Charles et les Lulus
The Dinky Toys released "My day will come"
Hugo Mathysen debuts on CD with "Dankuwel!"
Pitti Polak is "Poor, Stupid and Ugly" and "Happy doin' nothing"
The Radios release "No Television"
B.J.Scott releases "Honey and Hurricanes"
2 Unlimited score their first international hit with "Get Ready for This"
Wigbert releases the single "Ebbenhout Blues"
X-legged Sally release their first album
Yasmine had her first hits in this year
Zap Mama debut with the world class album "Zap Mama"

The Beautiful Babies ended second in the Rock Rally
Marie-Laure Béraud debuts with "Viens Simon"
Sarah Beth heeft een hitje met een tearjerker
Betty goes green release their debut album
Channel Zero released their first album
La fille d'Ernest released "Tout bouge"
Gorky releases its debut album "Gorky"
De Legende invited to dance
De Mens release the single "Dit is mijn huis"
Orgasmaddix finished high in the Rock Rally
Pop in Wonderland "Fall into Dreams"
Vibes Ahead Alliance score a clubhit with "The Bone"
K's Choice release "The Great Unconcious Club"
Pieter-Jan De Smet records his first cd "Antidote"
Ivan's Land had it "All in Good Time"
Milk The Bishop have a radio-hit with "Asshole"
Nemo release their first album
Praga Khan score an international hit with "Injected with a Poison"
The Sands scored in "April and June"
Soapstone release their first album
Volt wished somebody was gonna sample them.
dEUS release "Worst Case Scenario"
Jeff Bodart whistles "Du vélo sans les mains"
Dildo Warheads have a hit with "Scared"
Esta Loco serves up fresh flamencopop
The Hoodoo Club release "Jugstories"
Clemens Peerens Explosition scores a hit with "Dikke Lu"
Evil Superstars win the Rock Rally.
Marc Morgan takes France with "Notre mystère, nos retrouvailles"
Spelers & Drinkers pay tribute to Johan Verminnen
Wizard of Ooze release "The Dipster"
De Puta Madre released "Une ball dans la tête"
Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung (DAAU)'s debut
Flowers for Breakfast debut with "Nervous"
Golden Green release a first CD.
Metal Molly try to sell us some "Orange"
Zita Swoon (then known as Moondog Jr.) release their first full album.
Marka has his first solo-hit with "Accouplés"
Neven release their debut album.
De Lama's have a radio hit with "De ideale penis"
PPz30 had a radio hit with "Jumpin' Jehosephat"
Lieven Tavernier finally records a cd
Boerenzonen op Speed have a surprise hit with "Vliegtuig"
Jean-Louis Daulne debuts with Onomatopoiia
El Fish debut with the album "Blue Coffee"
Hoover(phonic) surprise the world with "2-wicky"
Kiss My Jazz released their first cd.
Mercelis debuts with "The hopes & dreams ..."
Mitsoobishy Jacson flipped on "Nougat in Koblenz"
My Velma, solo project of Jan Leyers.
Ozark Henry, Multi-layered sound artists.
Pangea is a project by Dan Lacksman
An Pierlé covers "Are Friends Electric" on her piano
Soulwax release their "Kill your darlings"
de Bossen have a small hit with "Speed Queen"
Coïncidence release their first album
Coco Jr. went Jamaica with "Acting like glass"
Eden release "Morning Bear"
Krapoel in Axe
have a hit in Flanders with "Zaterdag"
Lowpass release their debut album "Fear of the flood"
Milk Inc. conquered Franch with "La Vache"
Soul Sucker release their first album "Light".
Sweater release their first full album "Talking to Earl"
ABN released "ABnormaal"
Ambrozijn releases debut album
Arno assembles Charles and The White Trash European Blues Connection
Cinérex debut with "Exit all areas part 2"
Das Pop win the Rock Rally.
Dead Man Ray releases the album "Berchem"
Tom Helsen turned out to be a trio.
't Hof Van Commerce release "En in Izzegem"
Janez Detd. made a breakthrough with "Beaver Fever"
Laïs initiates a folk-revival with their debut CD
Riguelle & Hautekiet interpret "A Minor Thing"
The Semitones have a cult-hit with "Tada .. Tada"
Starflam make a breakthrough with "Ce plat pays"
Guy Swinnen first solo album after 20 years with The Scabs
Thou release "Hello in this sun" and the radio hit "Swing"
Vive La Fête started their electropop-romance
Arid released "Little Thing of Venom"
Fence went of to a fresh start on Singapore Airlines
K3 topped the flemish hitparades with "Heyah Mama"
neeka releases her self-titled debut album
Novastar finally releases the debut single "Wrong"
Belle Perez kicked off her pop-career with "Hello World"
Purple Prose get Dani Klein going again.
Sint Andries MC's represent Antwaarpe
Venus released their debut cd "Welcome to the Modern Dance Hall"

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