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From the beginning of this site - it was launched in January 1998 - this site got quite a bit of press in Belgium. Here are some of the most interesting articles and interviews (follow the links to read/hear/see the interview) :

- Review in Dutch music magazine OOR (May 2001)

- "Featured Meta Site" on the international megasite (October 2000)

- titel "Junior E-publisher 2000" awarded by Inside Internet (September 2000)

- Interview on frontpage "de Weekkrant" (March 2000)

- Media-award from ZAMU (March 2000)

- "Site van de week" according to T-Zine (February 2000)

- Review by the Dutch Pop Institute (February 2000)

- Interview in English for Radio Vlaanderen Internationaal (VRT World Service) on the programme "Brussels Calling" (October 1999)

- Review on Humo's Wild Site & in the magazine itself (June 1999)

- (very flattering) Article describing the site by Jan Delvaux in Knack (March 1999)

- Interview on the programme "Rang 1" on Radio 1 (national Flemish radio-station) (November 1998)

- Interview on BRT2-radio (regional transmission Limburg) (April 1998)

- Appearance on the regional television TV-Limburg (March 1998)

- Review on Planet Internet's Pop-planetarium (March 1998)

- interview with Stef Vanwoensel that appeared in the Newspapers Gazet Van Antwerpen and Belang van Limburg (February 1998)





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